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Carlos Latina was the first permanent settlers in Dekalb County in sycamore, Illinois. Latina Sakamor arrived in 1835 and built a log cabin near the site of the modern city center of yaks, to the north of the city of shoes, 307 S. St. St. (Illinois 64). At this point the site Set plaque.
In 1854 a new house was built in Latin, built in the 300-m quarter Saint Samonavka. In 1854 Greek Revival house still stands and is considered part of the historical district Javor. The house also shows the features of the style and the vertical wing expressed in the House of Lampert-Wild Flowers in Belvidery, Illinois, although it is made here more elegant Greek Revival House Latin.
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Lettsin worked as a farmer and marketer of lumber, eventually served as the county treasury Dekalb. He also worked as a correspondent of the Chicago Democrat.
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Historic District sycamore entered in the National Register of Historic Places in May 1978.
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* House of Carlos Latina: photo 1970

* Wikipedia: House of Carlos Latina, a historic area of ​​sycamore (according to me – how and related articles)
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* Historic District sycamore: National Register of Historic Places nomination form

Follow the trail of Hans Lee County tomorrow, with a quick stop before we hit Dixon. Stay tuned.
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A note about the historic district sycamore: As part of the historic district there are more than two hundred sycamore on the & # 39 objects. Of these, 187 are making property in the historic district, 22 do not contribute. Of all the houses and buildings in the area of ​​75% corresponds to the historic district concept.
Some of the major structures include several Queen Anne style mansions, the town library, County Courthouse, and dozens of houses middle and late 19th century.
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History of Illinois Vilmingtana

Wilmington – Magic colorful village located in a forest Kankakee River Valley, fifty-two miles below Chicago. Here Kankakee River flows northward, which is rare among the rivers Ill and the town’s location on the banks of the river provides a variety of recreational activities in nature, which attract visitors from around the state and beyond.
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Apart from fishing and boating on the Kankakee area reserve De Plein nearby has almost five thousand hectares of hunting. Uilmingtan combines the best aspects of rural and suburban lifestyle, including the rich agricultural lands, high-quality public services and a thriving business community. In addition to its recreational opportunities, health Wilmington Illinois – one of the best in the country, so the city is also popular with retirees.
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Initially settled tribe Patavatami Wilmington, which was part of the Nation three lights (Ottawa and with Ozhybuey). Kankakee River was then part of a large water highway Indians, where the path crossed the Indian Kankakee in Wilmington. After the war, France and India in 1762 Head of the Ottawa Pontsiak Vilmingtana settled in the area.
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To preserve their tribal law, he again came to his original tribe lived here in his last years (until 1769 it did not kill the Indian brave near Mount Zholit). Murder Pontiyaka led to tough violent conflicts between Ottawa and Illinois, which ultimately led to the extinction of the tribe Ilyin in the Rock hungry.
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The most famous Native Americans in the region Shabono was born on the island around Vilmingtana in 1774. His father was a military leader of the tribe of Ottawa and settled here with Pontiyakam.
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Shabono was mesmerizing orator and his eloquence cemented generous settlement for his tribe in the peace talks, for example, a contract of Wayne, which was read in Grynvile Shabono in 1775 died at the age of 85 years July 17, 1859 and he is buried in Morris.
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Uilmingtan settled white in the early 1830s. One of the earliest settlers, Thomas Coke, acquired in 4034 acres from the government in 1834 and built a sawmill, corn crackers, baby carriages and machines for distribution. Pioneers of farmers from across the region have brought their wheat and corn on the Cox Mill.
In 1836, Cox surveyed and laid out a lot to create the city of Winchester, who two years later changed its name to Wilmington. Vilmingtan was registered in 1865 as a municipality. Among other historical places of interest Vilmingtan is the Illinois and Michigan Canal and was a station on the Underground Railroad, which led to the Civil War, slaves from the South to freedom in Canada.
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The town is still a lot of historical buildings belonging to the mid-nineteenth century, including one of the oldest of Illinois hospitals. He is known for its antique shops (there are more than twenty!) That attracts collectors from all over the country.
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In the era of cars could Vilmingtontsy kicking along the famous Route 66, which runs through the city, when he goes from Chicago to LA

Try lawyers and what they are doing, if you do not have freedom

CAUTION, NOTE that this article applies only to laws ZAKUPANNYA ILLINOVA.

Do you have a will or not, your estate – what you have at the time of death – will be distributed through the judicial process. The difference is that if there is a will, you decide who gets your property; without will be solved for you.

A will may be called, who will receive your personal property, real estate, cash, etc. After the death of your will submitted to the court. With this process of probate begins, which is a & # 39 is just another name for the distribution and habitat of your estate.

A testament not out & # 39 is a guarantee that there will be arguments about who gets what. There may be a defect in your will, you have not realized. Or it may challenge the member of the family & # 39; and. Both of these situations will probate process is a long and possibly controversial. While you can not control what people do after your death, an experienced attorney can help you develop a solid plan and a sealed document to minimize confusion if it will be interpreted later.

In addition to the dissemination of the property, it will also be named as executor of your estate. This is the man who will lead your asset management process, together with a lawyer. They will work together to make sure that everything will work out.

Also will can be called a guardian for your children, and to create trust where assets from your estate may go after probate. Trust, can bring money for your children, for example, until they reach a certain age. It is also a testament to dictate how to pay property taxes and debt.

If you do not have freedom, your property will still be distributed. But instead to follow your wishes, the court will adhere to the general method of allocation established by the law of Illinois. Although this method can meet your wishes, it can not match, so the will is considered such an important document.

Without Probate Court will give you property of your family member & # 39; and, starting with those who are considered the nearest to you. The first step is to give her husband a half and the second half of the children. If you have no children, your husband will get everything. If you do not have a husband, your children will have everything. If you do not have a husband, and her husband and children, your property will be divided between the parents and / or sisters. This list could be included more distant family members & # 39; and.

Your will can be changed at any time during your life, as long as you do not consider yourself mentally competent.

For more information about the laws of Illinois law, see http://www.findgreatgery.com/2Probate.htm.

He never told about a great marketing story

I was told this story Sol Polk partner company in the early 80s after we opened the first store "hot bath" in Chicago. Jack set me up with hot baths and spa facilities, as well as inventory and committed to the installation of heaters for hot water for the Polk Brothers, and this is another good story!

Sol Polk was the old officials in Chicago, who, along with his brothers and sister built a regiment of brothers; Retailer of home appliances, which closed in the early '90s, but left the Fund more than $ 350 million, which every day provides money the charity fund.

Salt traveled to Europe in the early 70's and met a doctor from Delaware, who was on his way to a & # 39; the congress to present their new "procedure", to then become a maneuver. Yes, he met Dr. Geymliha, and the doctor said Saul regiment of his new discovery. Saul was so impressed that he asked if he could share in this business in the United States, and has promised will never sell. Well, then in Illinois was Senator Charles Percy, who was a former president of Bell & Howell. Saul and he was familiar, and Saul solicited Percy to share this strange new "Heimlich maneuver on each school, institution and country restaurant.

Senator Percy was a senator in the United States, but Saul helped pass a law in the state of Illinois, and it is still the law in every public place, where food is served, should have a place on Manev Geimliha on maneuvers in the event of an emergency.

The law, which introduced the regiment in Illinois, and I quote: ". Illinois requires the health department to develop and distribute without board posters containing validated methods for lay people to safely and effectively remove food inherent in the human throat instructions must be limited to the first procedure aid that do not use instruments and devices, they must be of size and design, suitable for putting in food establishments instructions shall, as far as possible, expressed in words and illustrations, which are not of the & # 39;. yavl It is offensive. to patrons of the restaurant. "

As soon as the law entered into force, regiment already in full swing, handing the posters for free every restaurant, school building, municipal buildings and hospitals. Saul had hired high school students from a high school Proviso East just across the street from his family business to address the envelopes, which he paid from his own pocket. The only fee for any restaurant or municipal buildings – this is only shipping and handling. Therein lies the brilliance of the smart marketer. In the first year by presenting a poster "Geymlihski maneuver," Saul Polk earned just under $ 6 million.

We have 6 million dollars may not like much, but by today's standards it will be: 39,976,056 dollars! Not bad for BEZKOSHTOVNYH posters, which, true to his word Dr. Heimlich, Saul always provided free of charge a fee to those who asked for it.

I think this is a great example of what some creative marketing and follow-up can make almost any business.

Special needs in home schooling – or available federal aid?

Does the right to pre-school child with special needs to have a federal educational assistance? This is an important issue for parents who have children with special needs in preschool or children who may not yet fluent in English, and parents need help in teaching these children a new language.

According to the law, "no child is left", Congress provided funds to help public schools to meet the special needs of their students. There is a lot of money for a variety of services, personnel and equipment. But these benefits are provided or parents home school? The answer depends on the law of parents & # 39; state. This is because the US Department of Education recognizes that education – it is a matter of state and local character, and it determines the status of the school in the States. Thus, the US Department of Education will assist with home school only in those states that define home schools as private schools. An example is Illinois, where there is no specific legislation governing home schools. Home schools in Illinois are considered private schools as a result of the decision of the state court of appeal. Thus, in Illinois, home schools would be eligible for some financial assistance from the federal government.

This assistance can be for a child with special needs, which requires some form of equipment to meet its educational needs and resources for coaches and other types of consultants and experts. Help is also available in the form of money is needed to help the student achieve their English language skills. For more information, interested parents should contact the US Department of Education Office for non-state entities.

Word of caution. Federal funds always come with strings attached. Before calling for the federal funds rate, parents should consult with a competent attorney or an expert on education. Despite this caution, it is advisable to note that for a child with special needs the child has the resources.

Horse theft – hanging offense

Abduction of horses in the Old West was suras & # 39; oznym crime. a man's life often depended on its ability to quickly get to the place, and usually it was mounted. person to take out of it in some cases was similar to that punching bullet in the head. Because of its suras & # 39; oznastsi punishment for such crimes has always been the same – swift and merciless. thief hanging often with a tall tree with a sign strapped to his shirt, which designates it as a horse thief. It was a warning to other potential-horse thieves to think twice before taking a horse of another person.

If he was lucky, the thief killed the horse hole, not hung. Hanging was not a pleasant way to stop life, and usually wore the stigma of misconduct.

There have been so stupid to think that they can steal horses. They thought it a quick way to earn money by selling stolen horses. Their thinking can catch someone else, but not them. They were very clever, too bold and too significant to get there – and would never have been so stupid!

Take the example of Charles P Ford, known as "one-armed" Charlie Smith, horse thief, who does not think that he was caught. He and his brother Tom tired of their dull and boring life in Peoryi, Illinois, and decided to come to the west. About these early life little is known. They were regarded as the illegitimate son of the former governor of Illinois Ford. The pursuit of fun and adventure brought them back to Kansas. For unknown reasons, they threw the Ford name and became known as Tom and Charlie Smith. Charlie did not get named Charlie to 1871 in Topetsy, Kansas, where he lost his right arm above the elbow. Later, he and his brother joined a gang curly Marshals and shoulder straps. The gang operated around Topeka, Newton and Wichita, Kansas.

In the spring of 1871 Charlie Smith created a small ranch on Nineska River between Wichita and Caldwell, Kansas. The ranch is located close to the route of the stolen horses were exported to the Indian territory. Attraction Charlie to known criminals and thieves marshal groups of horses significantly worsened its already bad reputation. It took a short time before and Scandinavian settlers in the area decided to organize to get rid of "one-armed" Charlie and his den of horse thieves. They arrived at his ranch and took Charlie and two friends in sight. They rode up to the ditch big cottonwood tree along a nearby river, threw a rope on a sturdy limb and brought Minx to the tree, one suspended.

The first, who was posted, was LB Hasbrouck, a promising young lawyer, who said nothing and quietly died.

The other man, who was hanged, was Billy "Bully" Brooks, the famous gunner and the first leader of the city of Dodge City, Kansas.

Charlie was the last person hanged him. When he was led to the suspension of the tree, he felt that all wrong, that the son of the governor of the East was going to finish my car & # 39; a career of adventure by hanging. Now he felt that he should stay in Illinois and live in peace, instead of having to select fast horses, fast women, and damn swift justice. Melancholic reflections Charlie for his idle life ended a severe blow to the rump of the stolen horse. The horse jumped, leaving Charlie, waving in the air hanging from a tree with a broken neck. He will go down in history, known as another horse thief, who died at the end of the rope.

Pages of Western history are filled with stories such as Charlie – stories of people who steal and kill just for fun, for profit, or for the more adventurous. They are "one-armed Charlie" often fell at the end of a rope suspended, while his shirt was a postscript, who told them of the crime.

Car accidents and injuries

If you have been injured in a vehicle or a vehicle (car, motorcycle, bicycle, truck while walking), your personal injury cases in Chicago or Illinois Illinois included in the automotive vehicle code. The same, no matter what state you are in traffic rules that govern the state of cars in this country.

Every case of bodily injury related to a car accident, an accident on the truck, the accident on a bike or with the car against a pedestrian in Chicago, Illinois (or in any state in this respect), is included in the rules of the road, because the injured person must prove that the incident occurred Wines "other guy". Legislation traffic differs from state to state.

When assessing whether you have a good case of personal injury car accident, you, and especially your lawyer should be familiar with traffic regulations in Illinois. In some cities, like Chicago, has his orders regarding trucks, cars, motorcycles and bicycles, so you need a lawyer who knows what rules apply to determine who had the right of way, so who is to blame for your accident. Moreover, in the accidents involved semi-trailers, federal regulations and laws apply to trucks and truck drivers.

Injuries as a result of a car accident, a motorcycle accident, traffic accidents for pedestrians and bicycles can Var & # 39; iravatstsa from temporary injury type muscles such as whips and thrown back to cuts from broken glass, contact with the road, until broken bones from huge impact forces to the injury of the knee and shoulder, even to paralysis and death. Remember that all vehicles running on muscle and engines, the human body moving faster than he can pass on its own, and it is the impact of the forces of the body as a result of the accident, which he had never mastered.

Thus, not only the treatment of such cases injury requires knowledge of legislation on liability (the Illinois Code of automobile vehicles, local city codes and possible federal laws and regulations of trucks), but also the skills and knowledge of a broad base of medical treatment for the injury aspects of the evidence. case.

On this day, the insurance companies are doing everything in their power to defeat the claim of the insured person from the very beginning, before the injured person knows their rights. They do things like take recorded statements from witnesses and victims, before they learn about their rights, and forced the victims to sign the documents before the victim knows what is at stake.

Here are five guaranteed ways to ruin your damage

1. Fall for what I call "good cop – tell me about it." This is when the insurance adjuster acts as he, she really cares about you, your injuries and your financial needs, especially after the car crash. They call you, tell you not to worry about medical bills, that "everything will be taken care." Remember that they are doing this so that you have opened, we lowered the guard and provided them with written statements or sign their rights for documents that they send to you. After the insurance adjuster will use the skills that he has to get the right answer from you (the right for an insurance company, but it is right for you, and any chance of getting a fair recovery) and as soon as the medical payments coverage is exhausted, their attitude changes. They got what they wanted, and now you can not get a return call and any help.

2. Give a written statement. Each correspondent Insurance insurance company prepares lawyers about what questions to ask, and more importantly, how to ask for them to get the answers you need to win your claim. That is why the only time I let one of my clients to give a statement when it is in my office, and I represent and advise.

3. Sign the documents. It sounds like a horror story from the book. And it is so undisguised and rotten that I myself hardly believe this. But early in my car & # 39; EASURES I was contacted by a middle-aged bachelor, who could not read too well. He suffered in the accident. The insurance company told him, "sign this paper, we will send you, and we will send you $ 1,000.00 for pain and we will pay all of your bills for the doctor." Guess what? He received $ 1,000, but since he could not read too well, he did not realize that, in spite of the promise to pay medical bills, he said on the phone, he had signed the rights for all. Even highly educated people zashklovvayuts eyes when the insurance company sends them a paper with small font tiny, using legal mumbo-jumbo. But this "legalism" can kill your chance at a fair compensation.

4. It is difficult to ours and not to resort to the doctor (or go to the doctor 3 months after the accident). If sur & # 39; ozna the injured person can not get to the doctor after an injury, it's like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, it all translates to the insurance company. They love it. Now you know that most people do not like to go to the doctor, most people postpone it until they just can not stand it. But if someone tries to explain it in court, jurors are skeptical. They think that "the guy asks for money for the injuries – how hard it can be a pain, as he waited for a month to see a doctor?" – When their PASLYAZHAYUTS THAT VYBUCHAE DAKTORA FOR MONTHS OR WHAT YEAR They own medical conditions.

5. Try to hide the preliminary medical condition, accident (or lie about anything, for sure). When I was a young lawyer, I'm serious stories about lawyers who prescribed its customers to maintain the old injuries a secret or try to suppress that before they had a car accident. In addition, it is absolutely unethical lawyer may lose the license for this proposal, and the client may lose his job, just try it. We live in the age of computers. Believe me, there are databases that keep track of all of you, including previous accidents, preliminary medical care, you call. You are just asking for trouble. I always advise my clients to tell the whole truth. In the words of Benjamin Franklin: If you always speak the truth, you do not have to remember anything.

Obviously, this is only the first five – I see many, many more mistakes that are made in cases of accidents all the time, but the above five, probably, with the & # 39 are the most common. The best way to level the playing conditions and to protect your rights or the rights of a loved one – is to consider hiring a qualified, aggressive and ethical lawyer personal injury. Insurance companies hate it when it interferes with a good lawyer, because they know that shenanigany stop, and the victim has the best chance of fair compensation – what the insurance company wants to avoid.

I hope that this information has been useful to you. If you have any questions or want to consult with me on the case of your business, you can contact me at http://www.desalvolaw.com.

Wingfoot Air Express – the first plane crash

On Monday, July 21, 1919 Airline Wingfoot Air Express (which is owned by Goodyear Tire and Rubber) crashed into the building of trust and savings Illinois at Chicago, losing 13 lives. It was the worst crash of aircraft in the United States until the plane "Zeppelin" Hindenburg crashed in 1937. With 13 dead, one was a member of the crew, two passengers, the remaining 10 were employed by the Bank, which is located below the building.

Express Wingfoot Air Express was carrying passengers from Grant Park to the amusement park White City, where at an altitude of about 1,200 feet above the ship caught fire Chicago-cycle. Once the crew realized that the ship was lost dyryzhabski, pilot and chief engineer led parachute to safety along with a third man, who broke both legs and later died in the hospital.

In Illinoyskaga Trust and Savings Bank building at the corner of LaSalle and Zheksanavaga boulevard in the main banking hall housed 150 employees, which closed after business days (the fire started at 4:55). The main hall was lit by a large skylight, and Wingfoot Air Express struck the remnants shore lumen, causing flaming debris fell into the hall below. In addition to the ten employees who died, 27 people were also wounded personnel.

After a disaster, the Chicago City Council banned the crowded hydrogen blimps from flying over populated parts of the city. Home base dyryzhabliv, Grant Park, the airport has also been closed shortly after the crash.

Published in honor of those who lost their lives while working in the bank as a result of the disaster, as a result of which all officers and employees of the mountain strike.

great tragedy

With clear skies flew mass of flaming debris that crashed near a large clearance of the bank, bringing death and injury something & # 39; and Illinois. Large swimming dyryzhabny over loop caught fire thousands of feet in the air and raced like a fiery comet, on the ground. Finger of fate chose enlightenment of this building among the hundreds of flat roofs, which was amazing.

This great tragedy resulted in the deaths of ten people from the bank and paranennya twenty-seven people left never forgotten shadow over the entire institution. Employees and officers were busy closing date of July 21. It was a great day. Monday almost invariably brings more business than on other days of the week. Many of the workers have already gone home. Those who are still at work, put the finishing touch to the work of the day and went home very quickly.

And suddenly, as if the entire roof caved in, there was a big crash, and down prasvyatlivym air down a huge, fiery bubble with twisted iron and heavy mechanism, past the balcony and down to the first floor, on the heads of employing someone to work under a lot of clearance.

Columns with the Illinois Trust and Savings Bank, Chicago (special memorial room): July 3, 1919

That the real history of investing in a house?

That's the deal, the real estate investment turnkey are other companies (some online), which manages the daily needs of the collection of passive income. If you are passive investments in Google properties, you will see your number one choice: multifamily apartment buildings – a large complex systems, which can get commercial financing, relying on their financial resources. At an investment loan for the balance you can invest only 25% -35% down payment. This can make a significant profit from your investment.

The best part. For large residential complexes have economies of scale. If the 8-apartment building two vacant premises, the landlord is not a quarter of potential income. In high-rise building of 100 apartments a few vacancies are less important. The overall performance also allows lenders to look more profitable to invest in a large apartment.

If you zastavaetsesya cities "class", such as apartment buildings Chicago, then you have a lot of people who move in and out beyond the city of Chicago, and rents can be adjusted quickly. There is also a demand for rental units in Illinois, as many companies have vacancies in the cities of Illinois, as Chicago, Aurora, Zholiet, Oakbrook, Shamburg, Libreville, Elzhyn and in Algonkin, Minuka, Maurice, Mokena, Round Lake, Greyslayk, Waukegan, Homer Glen, Wheaton, Downers Grohl, Oswego, Plainfield and many other interesting cities in Illinois.

Or the stock market peaked? Who knows exactly why the markets are moving up or down, but I do know that it is your hard zarablyanyya money at stake. Take a little more control over their money and want some other investors are doing in relation to the changing of the stock market in search of safety, they are hard assets like real estate as an alternative investment. But you do not want to knock on the door to evict tenants or fix the toilet as the owner of the apartment, there is another option, and it's a great investment in apartment buildings. Investing in real estate with a high level of income can be in homes for single and attached homes and homes that can fix and flip or rent out for income. But you will market to customers homes for single families and owners of residential houses.

Looking for an opportunity to become a part of the & # 39; pooled investments? If you need more money, several million dollars, then gather with their friends. Often you can about the & # 39; to combine blocks of flats in apartment investment as an opportunity to "turn key" with other professionals. Who do you know? Maybe other business owners like you, or a group of doctors, investors, or any group dental investor or group of investors, attorneys, or a group of investors in the CPA, or a family group of investors. Spread the wealth of opportunities on the & # 39; yadnavshy their investments and working with a broker in real estate apartment house, you can find for your group right opportunity throughout the country. They have access to greater opportunities portfolio, which you can buy large complexes of apartment buildings for investment.

But here the catch, you really need to take the first step to the creation of wealth, real estate, referring to the real estate brokers and apartment buildings today become qualified investors. Once you find yourself in the list of preferences, they will show you new opportunities on a weekly basis. This will allow you and your investment group first chance of the estate investment opportunities.

As you can actually use it to build your real estate portfolio? Taking one investment at a time. Read every opportunity, but be prepared to make a deal and talk with commercial lenders who are willing to take credit for apartment buildings and other real estate. Preparing your investment portfolio and the tax return for the loan. Looking for the perfect investment property somewhere in Chicago? Apartment buildings are usually quite rich in the real estate market in Chicago, and depending on what you find, they often can bring lucrative and smart investment in the long transport.

Shmatfamilnae HUD housing for sale and lenders Freddie Mac and a & # 39 are an opportunity for real estate investors a turnkey basis. HUD has several properties per month at auction or for sale, which need updating TLC or service. These cosmetic renovation could dramatically increase the cost of a complex of apartment buildings. Working with a real estate broker of apartment buildings can show you options so you can make sure that once again invest in the right quarters, at the right price and in the right tenants.

Buying apartment buildings – is a means of achieving financial freedom through the use of your money and forcing others to pay you passive income. Creating wealth by investing in real estate is easy, and many investors are secure and stable income. By investing in an apartment, you can count on benefits, including risk management for investors and a stable cash flow for a long period of time.

And how to avoid capital gains taxes? Thanks to IRC Section one thousand and thirty-one allows the investor to sell the property and reinvest the proceeds in a new property, defer all capital gains taxes. Powerful tax deferral strategy, which is used by some of the most financially successful real estate investors. How you qualify for 1031 exchange? The property, which is sold and purchased property must be "similar". This means that both properties must be "of the same nature or character, even if they differ in grade or quality." But you can not exchange agricultural equipment for multi-family houses, as they are not the same. In real estate you can convert almost any type of property, as long as it is not personal property.

Start today and contact your broker to obtain a portfolio of real estate for rent. Learn first-hand what it takes to succeed, learn about the model of syndication or investing in real estate, "turnkey". If you are a business owner, it is possible that you will be able to one thousand and thirty-one exchanged in an apartment building investment in passive income after you sell the house, occupied by a business.

If you are traveling to Chicago, you know the details of the traffic rules and signals Chicago

Speed ​​limits vary in Chicago, and on most city roads it is 30 miles / h. However, the interstate highway, but for the congested areas, taking a speed limit of 55 m / min. In Chicago, the red light turns to the right after the stop when oncoming traffic is not allowed, but make sure that there are no restrictions placed. If in doubt, wait patiently for the green. The cameras are installed on most large urban intersections to catch drivers running red lights on, and with the & # 39 are the cause of other disorders. Chicago is filled with a number of one-way streets, especially in and around that surround the loop, so it's important to look for warning signs and other cars.

Similarly, the laws of drink-driving in Illinois is quite strict. Everyone who came into the liquid with 8 or more blood alcohol concentration while driving, automatically withdrew his license, in addition, will be given a ticket. In fact, the authorities of the home states will also be notified. Do drivers have a driver's license in Illinois, may be suspended the license for the first offense for three months.

Travel to Chicago shows the performance of several rules, and one of them – passengers must fasten seat belts, and even children under the age of eight years old can wear a strap on baby seat. This city does not allow use of mobile phones and mobile is illegal while driving in the city. Of course, these restrictions are not the same in the suburbs, they are changing. If you use the wipers, you must have lights. In Illinois, radar detectors are legal.

Visiting Chicago's interesting, if you're willing to walk a short distance. Most of the tourist attractions close by that you can cover on foot or use public transport. But if you want to go here, you have to be willing to accept the rules of Chicago. However, Chicago is relatively easy to find a way, because it is logically laid out town. Although the rush hour congestion is unpleasant and, as in other major cities, still have to accept the fact that the movement is moving smoothly on most days. Chykagantsy always ready for unexpected delays, and the one thing that it is determined that during the summer and spring months at least a few city streets or one major highway will definitely be repaired. That's why usually say that in Chicago there are two seasons: winter and construction.

Driving in Chicago, make sure you rotate the area between the Museum Campus and North Avenue, because it's really amazing. However, do not miss the arranged driving rules. Always be prepared for the fact that taxis are sometimes cut off or made a sudden turn without falling any signal. Actually seeing a yellow light, drivers are quickly and easily hear the signal, especially if you can not make a mad rice before the light turns red. It is expected that the price of parking at a premium, and street parking around the center of the city is limited to 2 hours, but get a ticket with a nominal cash and attach it to the dashboard.

Hollywood has a romance with these romantic comedies that are near Kenoshay, Wisconsin

Let Hollywood screenwriter become a guide to a romantic vacation spot with a leading lady or man in your life. Play at your own local romance with any of these five places, tying popular movies. All are within two hours' drive from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin

"Love actually" Kedarburg, Wisconsin

This beautiful historical city is mentioned in the film, when one hero travels from England to Wisconsin to meet American women. Located 20 minutes north of Milwaukee, it offers a seasonal festivals, active outdoor activities, an array of interesting shops and restaurants and cultural events. Think about being in Washington House Inn.

"The Prince & Me", Madison, WI

Of Wisconsin-Madison University, although not filmed in Wisconsin – the main language, where there are leading and fall in love. Visit this beautiful college town and see what the cast and crew missed, including the Botanical Garden of Albret, a free guided tour of the building of the capital, and then animate visiting suburban mustard museum. http://mustardmuseum.com/

Actor Mark Ruffalo, the hometown of Kenosha, Wisconsin

Star of such romantic comedies as "Just like heaven" Mark Ruffalo was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin. A trip in the middle of the 1950s restored electric trolleys. You get a pass for the whole day for $ 3.00, to jump in and enjoy the restaurants and museums, and then stay with views of the lake in Michigan Best Western Harborside Inn & Conference Center.

In Illinois

"Groundhog Day", Woodstock, Illinois

Each year, Woodstock, Illinois, marks a major role in this classic comedy. Visit the Woodstock Opera House, which conducts year-round musical events and theatrical performances and a snack at a nearby café Stage Left. Book a room at a bed and breakfast in the Royal Victorian Manor, better known in the film as the Cherry Street Inn Hotel, where Bill Murray's character stayed with night after night …

"Sixteen Candles" in Evanston, Illinois

Evanstan became one of the film for this director John X & # 39; Hughes. It is a 240-acre campus of Northwestern University, that & # 39 is a place ideal for long walks in the practice of Gothic and modern buildings. For a romantic souvenir sign in Dave & # 39; s Down to Earth Rock Shop for gems, jewelry, minerals and fossils. Bahai temple in North America (now one of seven worldwide) should cross over the border into Evanston Vilmet to view temple architecture and coaches gardens and fountains. http://www.bahai.us/bahai-temple/

The filmmakers know the formula of romance and a visit to any of these local towns can be the basis for a romantic exit blockbusters.

In the words of Paul Harvey, a remnant of history

In the words of the full great Paul Harvey, "I'm Paul Harvey, and that the rest of the story." I read in the Chicago Tribune, that the health insurance figures for 2016 in Illinois increased by 6.1% on average. It also states that the national growth rate of 7.3%. Now, they are based on the second lowest price plan "Silver", which, as a rule, with & # 39 is one of the most popular plans. Here jumps Paul Harvey. As an insurance broker, and can speak for a rate hike, get my clients. Let's start in Illinois. I have a couple in the early 40-ies in Plainfield which gets a boost with the "Blue Cross" and "Blue Shield" from $ 493 per month to $ 719 per month. This is about 32%. I have something & # 39; I'm out of three people where at the age of steam in the early 60-ies and 24-year-old child in the Park red-haired, coming from the "Bronze" plan at $ 906 per month to $ 1270 a month. This is also an increase of nearly 30%. My third example – single male, which in the late 30 resides in Vudryzh. He has a gold plan, which was valued at $ 370 last year. His plan was canceled, as the Blue Cross canceled their large network of doctors and hospitals. His plan will move to a smaller network of doctors, where he would lose his doctor and still gets an increase of about $ 4 per month.

You see, if you compare apples to apples, we see a large increase of 25-30%. If someone is reduced, you will see a smaller increase. The last example is impossible to list when you are comparing apples to apples, since the plan he and his network no longer exists. I have another family of five silver plans, the silver which was canceled plan. If they stay with the "Blue Cross" and "Blue Shield of Illinois," they will pay less for insurance in this year as Blue Cross cancels the plan and network. However, the plan to which they move, has no child pediatrician on the network and not a dermatologist. They can move to the Blue Cross HMO and get a pediatrician, but then they lose and a family physician and OBGYN wife. If they do change United Healthcare, they can get all their doctors and hospitals, but it will cost about $ 50 a month for the privilege.

Moving to Texas, I have a client in the X & # 39 area; Euston, whose plan was also canceled Blue Cross. He was transferred to AMD, which usually occurs down the scope, but to do so it costs $ 300 a month more.

My final example comes with a big Ohio State. In the family & # 39; and three people have a silver plan "Medical Mutual" from Ohio, who is widely regarded as the best carrier state. His plan goes from $ 840 to over $ 1,000 This is in neighboring increase of 20%. Thus, it is not isolated from one state or one carrier.

As a broker, I see almost 25% for most of my current clients in Illinois, Ohio, Texas and Indiana. Some of my other states do not have much, but almost all the double digits.

Therefore, when reading about a smaller increase in the speed you need to know the "rest of the story."