History of Illinois Vilmingtana

Wilmington – Magic colorful village located in a forest Kankakee River Valley, fifty-two miles below Chicago. Here Kankakee River flows northward, which is rare among the rivers Ill and the town’s location on the banks of the river provides a variety of recreational activities in nature, which attract visitors from around the state and beyond.
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Apart from fishing and boating on the Kankakee area reserve De Plein nearby has almost five thousand hectares of hunting. Uilmingtan combines the best aspects of rural and suburban lifestyle, including the rich agricultural lands, high-quality public services and a thriving business community. In addition to its recreational opportunities, health Wilmington Illinois – one of the best in the country, so the city is also popular with retirees.
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Initially settled tribe Patavatami Wilmington, which was part of the Nation three lights (Ottawa and with Ozhybuey). Kankakee River was then part of a large water highway Indians, where the path crossed the Indian Kankakee in Wilmington. After the war, France and India in 1762 Head of the Ottawa Pontsiak Vilmingtana settled in the area.
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To preserve their tribal law, he again came to his original tribe lived here in his last years (until 1769 it did not kill the Indian brave near Mount Zholit). Murder Pontiyaka led to tough violent conflicts between Ottawa and Illinois, which ultimately led to the extinction of the tribe Ilyin in the Rock hungry.
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The most famous Native Americans in the region Shabono was born on the island around Vilmingtana in 1774. His father was a military leader of the tribe of Ottawa and settled here with Pontiyakam.
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Shabono was mesmerizing orator and his eloquence cemented generous settlement for his tribe in the peace talks, for example, a contract of Wayne, which was read in Grynvile Shabono in 1775 died at the age of 85 years July 17, 1859 and he is buried in Morris.
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Uilmingtan settled white in the early 1830s. One of the earliest settlers, Thomas Coke, acquired in 4034 acres from the government in 1834 and built a sawmill, corn crackers, baby carriages and machines for distribution. Pioneers of farmers from across the region have brought their wheat and corn on the Cox Mill.
In 1836, Cox surveyed and laid out a lot to create the city of Winchester, who two years later changed its name to Wilmington. Vilmingtan was registered in 1865 as a municipality. Among other historical places of interest Vilmingtan is the Illinois and Michigan Canal and was a station on the Underground Railroad, which led to the Civil War, slaves from the South to freedom in Canada.
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The town is still a lot of historical buildings belonging to the mid-nineteenth century, including one of the oldest of Illinois hospitals. He is known for its antique shops (there are more than twenty!) That attracts collectors from all over the country.
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In the era of cars could Vilmingtontsy kicking along the famous Route 66, which runs through the city, when he goes from Chicago to LA