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Carlos Latina was the first permanent settlers in Dekalb County in sycamore, Illinois. Latina Sakamor arrived in 1835 and built a log cabin near the site of the modern city center of yaks, to the north of the city of shoes, 307 S. St. St. (Illinois 64). At this point the site Set plaque.
In 1854 a new house was built in Latin, built in the 300-m quarter Saint Samonavka. In 1854 Greek Revival house still stands and is considered part of the historical district Javor. The house also shows the features of the style and the vertical wing expressed in the House of Lampert-Wild Flowers in Belvidery, Illinois, although it is made here more elegant Greek Revival House Latin.
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Lettsin worked as a farmer and marketer of lumber, eventually served as the county treasury Dekalb. He also worked as a correspondent of the Chicago Democrat.
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Historic District sycamore entered in the National Register of Historic Places in May 1978.
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Online Resources

* House of Carlos Latina: photo 1970

* Wikipedia: House of Carlos Latina, a historic area of ​​sycamore (according to me – how and related articles)
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* Historic District sycamore: National Register of Historic Places nomination form

Follow the trail of Hans Lee County tomorrow, with a quick stop before we hit Dixon. Stay tuned.
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A note about the historic district sycamore: As part of the historic district there are more than two hundred sycamore on the & # 39 objects. Of these, 187 are making property in the historic district, 22 do not contribute. Of all the houses and buildings in the area of ​​75% corresponds to the historic district concept.
Some of the major structures include several Queen Anne style mansions, the town library, County Courthouse, and dozens of houses middle and late 19th century.
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