Lampert-Wildflower House – Belvider, Illinois – National Register of Historic Places

Lampert-Wildflower House 1838 in Belvidery, Illinois, although not as an architectural as, say, the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, is still with the & # 39 is an excellent example of the building style, which is called "vertical and winged." A fairly common style refers to the character of the building, consisting of a two-story "vertical" section and the wing, or "e" (wiki). The vertical part of the house was the original in 1838. EBL was added in the 1860s.

When I came to the house for the photos, I was greeted by the owner of the house, a local artist who led a gallery / cafe in Belvidery. He invited me to his establishment with promises of home visits, when I show you, but since I could not go back to Belvider. Tear! Well, he was a good man, and told me that the house was the oldest house in Belvidery, which he obviously put a lot of heart and soul.

The house stands on a block of Lincoln Avenue, which is dotted with architecturally significant homes, across the majestic (he was practically monumental – almost overwhelming) and meticulously restored Queen Anne home. Down on the block – a big house JC Foote Award under the influence in 1912, as well as a house in 1842, which was the first brick house in Belvidery. But this, apparently, it does not matter, because, although small and unassuming, Lampert House is obvious for other reasons.

Lampert-Wildflower House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in August 2005 (the difference was not yet gives the neighboring houses), included in the list and the adjacent courtyard. The yard, which retains its historical appearance, contains 32 trees and 36 other plant species, five of which are considered "rare". Base, in fact, amount to a shrine in the city center; Lyamperty were naturalistic, which supported the yard for wildlife and plants. Today the yard is considered "pavlesnym".

I provided information in far more detail when recording in Wikipedia Home Lampert, Wild Flowers, descended to either, get it straight from the horse's mouth: I have collected most of the entries on Wikipedia from the form of the National Register nomination I have below.

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* House of Lampert-Wildflower: National Register of Historic Places nomination form