Architecture styles prairie – Dekalb, Illinois

I have already discussed DeKalb, Illinois & # 39; The most obvious example of architecture Prairie style: often mistaken for the work of Frank Lloyd Wright AO Anderson House. Although well-known, it is the only example of the style in the city. In fact, there are other examples of this style of architects, it is much more famous than John S. Van Bergen. August Avenue – a good place to start, in block Andersen's house two examples of the architecture of the key architect of the Prairie.

1908 – Dr. Wesley FF Rowan

On Avenue Augusta House is 250 FF Rowan, the building is under the influence of the revival of Tudor developed Oak Park, Illinois architect EE Roberts, although obviously not from & # 39 is a full-scale revival of Tudor. Curve sources that have seen here, was a trademark of his work in the style of "Preirie". In fact, if you look, you can see other preryynyya impact on the house, a large flat roof of the porch, the porch itself, overhanging eaves, all elements of the Prairie style. Gambrel roof is not of & # 39 is a mandatory requirement. Half of lumber, however, screams Tudor revival. Roberts was an important architect who designed hundreds of homes only at Oak Park. While Roberts is considered the architect of the prairie, he never had association with its closest competitor, Frank Lloyd Wright and always kept their own vision of architecture Prairie style. Rabin house was built in 1908.

1904 – House Etna George. Uislav

Across the street from the House of Rabin, but still faces Augusta House is EJ Wiswall. House Vislaul – another example of Roberts & # 39; work in DeKalb, this shows more inclination prairie. While Roberts & # 39; The loan for the house is not of the & # 39 is a 100-percent certainty, it is very similar to home Roberts, appointed in Oak Park, and he is usually credited with the victory in Uislav Commission. The house is fully clad in stucco, it has a large porch with a support on a pole, and hipped roof with wide eaves hovering; all distinctive features of Prairie style architecture. It is assumed that the house was built in 1904.

Infinitely combined with the nature, the doors simply do not stand where you think it should be. C. 1895 Rankin House.

From his early works preryyskaga style Rankana House on Dekalbe 200 watts. Locust Street was perhaps made most famous architect of the group. A two-storey building with stucco decoration Rankin House may indeed be the work of the architect George W. Maher. Maher was a famous architect in the style of Chicago prairie, John C. Farsan house (better known as "nice house") in Oak Park was declared a National Historic Landmark. Rankin House has a front door that just will not wait for it. The house was built c. 1895.

Door along the east side, with a large fireplace.

It is not known whether the house Maher was really developed, there are other candidates for his project, it is very similar, with another house DeKalb, 594 W. Lincoln Hwy, with other commissions Maher.

Disposition of the chimney and the portico reminiscent of the George. Van Bergen. 1924 – 115 years, First St…

Another house in the prairie style DeKalb located on the street 115 N. N. This is another example of a home without a well-known architect, more research is needed. High rectangular chimney, located on the front of the northern facade, next to the portico (wiki), is in the same layout in 1910, designed by John Van Bergen apartment complex in Oak Park. Possible evidence of his hands? Hard to say.

The main entrance is located along the north facade and not the front (eastern facade).

House – a beautiful example of the prairie, wide hips inclined roof, large front porch, which is supported by a pillar, and the main entrance moved to the side instead of a lot of glass that allows natural light to flow into the design. It seems that the building also hugs the ground, the look, which is amplified if the building is set in the hillside slope.

Both sides have porticoes, and the house has a horizontal emphasis of the Prairie style.

On the northern and southern facades are presented porticos, and on the north facade (seen two images above) layout reinforces the horizontal emphasis of the house. Style house on the prairie First Street with a green roof tiles dates from about 1924 a year.

Learn more about all these houses you can find in the articles below. Wikipedia entries that are related (mostly me), will give you more information about Architects and other information mentioned in this post. Enjoy.

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A sharp eye will notice other examples of architecture prairie in DeKalb, something we will study later. Tomorrow, follow me into the tiny village of Esmond, Illinois.