Safer cars does not mean safer roads

Nowadays car is pretty standard to include security features. They Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from rearview camera warnings about sending lanes, traction control and even detection of blind spots.

Safe Driving a vehicle can also mean more money in your pocket, because drivers can save money on car insurance costs. Avtastrahavaya company, as a rule, can provide a more affordable car insurance if your car has safety features. However, safer cars do not necessarily mean safer roads across the country.

From January to June, approximately 18,720 people died on US roads. As a result, growth of the economy people are passing more and more miles, compared with the data on the level of the recession. Less unemployment means that more cars are on the road, bringing people back to work and work and more money on vacation. In 2017, Americans drove 3.22 trillion kilometers, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

Factor, which moves in more miles, with speed control, drug and alcohol abuse and control procrastination, and the mortality rate – at a high level.

South Carolina leads the nation in the level of road traffic deaths per kilometer traveled. In 2017, the state was 1.88 deaths per 100 million miles driven, which is almost two times higher than the national average. Illinois reported 1090 dead in the road.

This trend prompted the Governor to declare August 17 Ravnera Day awareness about road traffic deaths on Illinois State Fair through partnerships with the Department of Transport of Illinois, Illinois State Police, Illinois State Department of Health, the State of Illinois secretary and mother against drunk driving.

States across the country have begun similar efforts as Vision Zero. The goal of "Vision Zero" with the & # 39 is strategically except in cases of road traffic injuries, and with an increase in safe, healthy and fair mobility for all.

Slow down – perhaps the most effective way to reduce death. Speed ​​increases the distance that the car needs to stop. the impact speed is also directly related to the risk of death. The higher the impact speed, the higher the probability of death of a passenger.

Even at lower speeds, it is difficult to police officers to carry out these lower limits. Automated camera already unpopular, and adding more will also be expensive.

Each year approximately 40,000 Americans are killed on the road. Due to the effective legislation and commitments, we can all work together to reduce this statistic.

According to research by the Institute for Development and International Center for Sustainable Cities WRI Ross, one of the ways to achieve success – to consider the cases of road traffic and road safety as a public health problem. The public should stop blaming the drivers in collisions and access policies that can help them prevent.