Warning Illinois drivers: watch out for speed!

In 2004, two road workers were killed in a car crash construction zones. Illinois adopted new laws that can prevent death in the future.

In July 2006, government troops will use specially equipped vans to take pictures of drivers and drivers of rooms, which were on the rate of construction in the area on roads IDOT and Tollway system. Limiting the velocity in construction areas will be reduced to 45 MPG. The driver will be given by e-mail ticket in the amount of $ 375 for the first offense. If the second time you pohvatali, ticket price increases to $ 1,000 and suspension of driver's license for 90 days. The icing on the cake is the speed that drivers will also have weakened points that will increase insurance car insurance.

If the driver naedet on working, he faces a possible sentence of 10 000 US dollars and 14 years of imprisonment. According to Police Director Larry Trent Illinois, State Troopers will work for zero tolerance to issue tickets. $ 125 from each ticket will be used to pay for additional police officers.

Officials will obey the law, even if the workers do not in construction zones at risk of "a narrow track, jogging, at shoulder width, obstructions and layoffs."

The best plan – just to fulfill the speed limit placed on all roads of Illinois and in particular on building sites. Be careful when entering the expressway. People tend to step on the gas pedal, and they often travel the speed limit before they are aware of this. If you are parents of teen drivers, make sure that they understand the severity of the ticket to the construction zone and Sur & # 39; oznasts government in the imposition of fines.

For more information, click the link [http://www.dot.state.il.us/press/r033005.html].