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"Sexting" describes the text or other electronic message from one person to another, using sexually explicit photos. It is called "sekstetyngam" because it is usually in the form of a text message from one cell phone to another.

He has become increasingly popular among teens, nearly 20% are involved in at some point. Several persons other than the intended recipient, often see photos of how the message is sent to a specified friends and classmates. sekstyng now become a major concern for parents, teachers, school officials and law enforcement agencies.

Current law in Illinois

Currently in Illinois sekstyng falls under the definition of child pornography, which means that the perpetrators – including teens – can be prosecuted for criminal responsibility and threatened a prison sentence, as well as registration as a criminal. Thus, if the 15-year-old girl half-naked photo of themselves to send to her boyfriend, she will face these consequences. In addition, her boyfriend will face the same consequences if it will forward the photo to someone, like one who has a photo on your phone.

A new law in Illinois

In January 2011, a sex sektyng no longer falls under the laws on child pornography, but under the laws on sex offenders. A new law in Illinois create a separate category for minors who have sex, and less stringent punishment. Violators will not be considered child pornography, as in the current law, and not have to whether to register as sexual offenders.

Under the new law, offenders can be arrested, but they will be before the & # 39; revealed by the charge of misconduct. This means that the punishment may include observation of municipal services or counseling.

That parents and teens need to know about the law

While a teenager who has sex with a criminal offense, it may be tough, teenagers and parents should be aware that even under the new law in Illinois, sex-section is still illegal. It will continue to be the consequences of their actions, and parents need to know what their minor children.

Parents and teens need to know that sending such messages, as well as their return is illegal. If your child receives a message on his phone, he should remove it immediately. Simple possession can be enough to get the recipient's problems with the law. In addition, the transfer or transmission of the message is not only criminal illegal, but can cross civil liability for defamation or invasion of privacy or other issues of civil liability.

What to do if your child was caught having sex

Law enforcement authorities may be notified if your child will fall in sex at school. If the police become involved, or if your child already before the & # 39; manifest charged with a crime, it is important that you hire a lawyer who best represent your child. A good lawyer in the criminal protection will listen to the facts and circumstances and may be able to determine the protection, or at least work with prosecutors to reduce the consequences.

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