custody of domestic animals – big problems in divorces

Earlier so that in terms of rights of custody during the divorce, we thought only of children, but because the ownership of the animals increased and pets have become beloved family members & # 39; and, the right to custody of the pets has become a big problem. Two states have even gone so far as to adopt legislation (other states are considering it), which supports the form of care, when it comes to family pets. While most states have domestic animals are still considered personal property, Illinois and Alaska moved ahead and adopted legislation on the custody of the pets, which looks at the rights of animals from a different perspective.

For example, in January of last January, the Marriage Act and Divorce Illinois marriage was amended to protect "animal-companions" of personal property. When deciding on a divorce the jury must consider "well-being of a pet," before making a decision to award a single or joint ownership of the pet. Western legislation on custody of the animals in Alaska allows courts to consider "well-being" pet when making decisions about care. Legislation, such as Alaska and Illinois, support the trend, how we feel about our companion animals. At least 32 states, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, have provisions that allow the courts to assign ownership of a pet in a domestic violence & # 39; and.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Fighting for the one who can contain pets can become so ugly, as well as disputes about child custody. Pets for most people & # 39 are members of the family & # 39; and and treat them. For several years, courts have appropriated the right to custody, visiting and paying maintenance pet owner. Estate or trust awards for pet care can not be heard.

Courts in California, which is still considered animals as property, no right to grant custody of any of the spouses. The Court only has the right to determine the ownership of the animal, and the animal – is the highest interest, which is not required. Couples are expected to decide how will take care of, to attend and take care. If couples can come to a mutual decision about what is best for your pet, it may be agreed. But if not, and the differences prevail, may come a time for the intervention of a third party.

Broker your way to successful sharing of pets

Skilled divorce mediator acts as a neutral third party, a pair of conductive during separation upon careful consideration of each question divorce. The mediator can not only help you make decisions on issues such as division of assets and debts, child support, alimony and custody, as well as a mediator can help you determine the care of your valuable animals. Together with the amount of time spent with the pet, husband and wife, who are divorced, could consider the cost of food and veterinary bills. Taking into account the well-being of the pet and with respect to the wishes of each of the spouses, the mediator will help you make a joint or single agreement on custody that is suitable for your family & # 39; and.