Interview & # 39; w skate photos with Bart Jones

Name, age, status, employer, hometown? Bartholomew William Jones, 28, the lone son !, Skateboard Geneva, Illinois.

Let's start from the beginning. I want to know what it took to get you to spawn. Tell me about your parents. Who are these people, what they did, as you thought?

What !! It's deep. I do not know. My father, I think, a native of Plainfield, Illinois, bears little resemblance to the town fields, which are now more and more. He went to a private Catholic school or another, but he does not like religious or anything, and he realizes. And my mother is originally from Germany, actually lived in Israel for a minute, when she also was a child, but then I think that the times were there rough, so it is something & # 39; I am connected to boating in the states that have started to live in St. . Louis, I think, can .. Continue dad went to college in St. Louis, Louis met my mom, buddy boom Butt bingo, got married and had me .. I ask if they were on some kind of drugs at the time, because I & m 39; m pretty hacked. My mother for many years engaged in country working with the school teacher, the rules of an antique shop, worked in real estate, and my dad runs a network of shops under the name of Apple Tree Records, which was an amazing time, because until I was 16, my dad could be connected to any music free as well as free tickets to anything, I would like to see it still going, but thanks to the patronage Best Buy, the county, a place well; Apple tree went under. I went with family & # 39; it in all stores to close them, that sucked, but I came up with a lot of goods. Now my dad playing sports Play It Again, therefore, to a large extent my mom dad goes to auctions, garage sale stock of used sports equipment, so we use a lot of music that is around the house, but now it & # 39; s sports equipment.

Let's move on to your childhood. Any traumatic events that still haunt you?

I do not think that all of my childhood still haunts me in any way, but I'm sure .. I have a bunch of these .. I almost blew our seven & # 39; ads new puppy's head with draynovay bomb, my baby nurse tried to have sex with me once, I do not know, but I certainly unravel the child is still very much am.

What was your first meeting with skateboard? If you know that it will be a long term relationship?

The first meeting I probably do not remember, but I know her, I was super confused when I saw how these festivals in the city center, where I lived, was called "Swedish days" as they played on the on the flat skates site and were shown through the bar & # 39; EASURES. All the guys were like two different colored shoes Airwalk, on adhesive tape, painter's hat, all inflamed, I remember just thinking, 'These guys are bad ass, I want to be! " Around the same time, I was always happy with the shower when I can catch the "skate-TV" on Nickelodeon. Obviously, it is unclear on a skateboard, but nevertheless super unwound. I actually did not start skating just a few years after this, when in my house called Rich & # 39; I opened a skate shop that's funny to think, because there was such a circus, but I would just ride around the store, to me it was the worst.

It's funny that one of those dudes that I've seen on skates for a long time at the festival, now my good home, Steve Davenport, he was still skating, still tears !! But yes, I actually never knew it would be a long term relationship .. I guess I just never got nothing else. If we are talking about something else in relation to sports, I'm full gourmet. I remember some kids in high school were able to do other things, such as golf cars, ETC … I really do not understand anything. I just remember thinking, "You do not want to skate ?!" I experienced a small phase when going to art school, where I was not involved in skating, I do not even know what is really going on, I do not look magazine & # 39; s new video; at that time I was more interested in becoming a "fine artist", but I feel good, I think.

What do you think about Barack Obama?

I am totally fried, I really do not pay much attention to such things, but I just will not Obama. I remember when he ran for the Senate or anything in Illinois, there were all these billboards, I told my dad, "Look at this guy, all kinds pimp" & # 39; and he told me that & # 39; . S the man who is expected to become the first black president "Then my photojournalism class I was asked to take photos of the victory speech Barack Like any other sucker, I just ate him. Obama just talking with such like .. I even nothing I do not know! Power, I think, then just looked around at all the people who were so happy that they were just good vibes all around. Now it is again similar to the same, but the whole country. I probably siphon that in due time I I lived in the same city as Obama. It's quite an exciting time, but w I know about? ..

Qivana – So, who is really the Dr. Lyman?

Dr. Donald Lehman began college at the Illinois State University in 1972, where he received a bachelor's degree and master's degree. in chemistry. His PhD. In the field of Biochemistry and Nutrition he received the University of Minnesota in 1977.

He served as assistant professor of nutrition in 1978 in the University of Illinois. His rise in the associate professor was in 1983 with the rank of professor of nutrition in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition in 1989.

His research has been recognized all over the world in the field of amino acid metabolism, skeletal muscle growth and development, the interaction of nutrients and exercise, as well as protein synthesis, regulation of dietary programs with high fat loss.

Dr. Lehmann sat on the editorial board of the post asatsyyatara food editor and now with the & # 39 is an associate editor of the department of nutrition and metabolism and is in the magazine Food and behavior.

Dr. Leiman, to put it mildly, has a very broad summary. He worked at the University of Illinois, two years, taking the title of chairman of the program "Power and Power" and 5 years – the director of the school of human resources and family studies, as well as associate professor. Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station.

Since 1995, he has worked in a number of other boards, including the Humanities Association of State Universities and colleges grant Nat & # 39; l, as well as an advisor for a number of USDA research projects. In addition, Dr. Lehman has more than 90 peer-reviewed publications.

Due to the wide study, Dr. Lehmann was awarded prizes:

In 1986 – The American Society of Food Science

In 1992 – the Institute of Natal health

In 2009 – Nutrition and Metabolism Society

Dr. Lehmann was awarded several awards and recognition for their meals at the University of Illinois.

Virtually every type of protein powder or protein bars, which was available at that time, was in some way based on studies and research conducted by Dr. Lamon for the last 30 years on the synthesis of protein and the human metabolism.

Most recently, Dr. Lehman has worked with Qivana and brought to market the system through the MLM model called Qivana Metaboliq System. He makes the search for more than 10 years after the decision on partnership with Qivana, so he issued a license for 15 years for Metaboliq system.

3-month program – an approach the "whole body" to adjust our metabolism, using the control share of protein and carbohydrates. Since Qivana Metaboliq system is based on 30 years of real science and tested for human clinical trials, rather than a diet fads, tricks or smoke and mirrors and popular Hollywood trends can be expected that will see the real quality of life, mood, stress level, together with muscle tone, less fat and generally just more energy.

Dr. Lehmann said that "the image of Qivana Metaboliq System Life teaches you to properly use protein and carbohydrates to fuel your body to burn excess fat and improve body composition."

"Qivana" put feature in the development of the highest level of production and first of all the executive team. But strangely, it seems, they teach their new representatives to focus primarily on the warm market approach. This is certainly the case, but it's not the way to build your MLM today, unless, of course, the failure – that is what you are looking for …. let's not draw yourself here.

Go to the thousands of people who have asked you to talk to them about your business. Can you imagine trying to explain how MLM marketing model your mother or neighbor who worked for the government for 25 years? This is a quick way to fail, as 97% of people who enter the arena MLM.

Multifaceted hospital system

Today the system of health care is very complex: more and more of the duties imposed on the health of the consumer. Many insurance plans have a network with open access, which allow members to go in and out of the network to obtain the necessary assistance. The problem is that today there are many answers, resources and services. Coordination of their own health can turn to their own work full-time, with & # 39; yadayuchy countless hours of research to find the right health plan for you. It can also cause receiving the necessary medical care to become shrapnel or unbound, never having a central point for the job. If everything goes out of control, your life may be at risk. Will not it create access to health care system that would allow to find a quick and rapid treatment at one enjoyable package?

Today, Illinois Health consumer expects to have access to health care in the overall package and expects that in the sphere of health protection in Chykagolande will include a unique blend of technology and personal communication. They are looking for health care systems, which are recognized in the country in the field of programs such as the protection of heart health, obstetrics, trauma, oncology, rehabilitation, geriatrics, occupational health in Chicago, the treatment of alcohol and chemical dependency and mental health services. Today's consumer wants to access the top 10 hospitals of Illinois with the ability to use the full range of home health care. In Illinois and other states in the US consumer population seeks to create a medical center, which links its services in a comfortable system that is easy to enter and navigate the health care needs from start to finish.

Option 4: The strategy exposes the state lottery & # 39; greatest fear

State lotteries across the country protect their Pick 4 lottery systems by writing rules and regulations that prevent the Pick 4 lottery results from bankruptcy of their systems. They exclude, to pick 4 lotto players who want to win the Pick 4, reducing the number of popular.

Sometimes players have resorted to their local dealer to play Pick 4 square number, such as "7777" to say only that the number of Pick 4 lots available. Players use their favorite Pick 4 strategy, which forces them to choose this number. Or players play it, depending on the specific date.

In the Illinois Pick 4 many players around November 11, 2009 began to play "1111" and continued to play the same number, hoping that the results of the lottery Pick 4 by applying them to bring cash inflow. Within a few months, when it was turned off when you try to play "1111" exposed the State strategy of choice 4. Interest in the amount of received renewed life on the basis of the date of January 11, 2010 with 1:11:10. choice 4 lottery system based on the dates continued to hinder the players who want to win the tournament 4 to Illinois do not disable another six weeks or more in the game "1111".

Upon payment of five thousand dollars ($ 5,000 for a direct ticket for one dollar ($ 1)) State lottery offices will have to pay $ 1 million for every two hundred ($ 200) dollars, which sold the winning ticket. Lottery Pick 4, which stands for "date play" that form Quads bring fear of the heart and soul of every state lottery in the country offices. In this case, the final results of the choice of 4 lots means that the State Lottery could incur large financial losses.

The only way to prevent the State Lottery could imagine "fail" is writing the rules and regulations that limit the number of tickets that can be sold to a certain number Pick 4. Their strategy of choice 4 is particularly focused on the results of the lottery "Pick 4" when carried out " four. " Selling 500 tickets to win at the basic level in the dollar will lead to the payment of the lot Pick 4 in the amount of $ 2.5 million in most states.

Each time four-bedded room is overcome due to the popularity of the lottery Pick 4 system must expose their strategy choice 4, just cut off the number.

March 31, 2010 was held an evening rally in Pennsylvania Big 4, 7-7-7-7. The lottery was 7.77 million dollars, with payments over 3100 players are reasonably invested in this big winning number. Lottery software had to pay more than $ 7.2 million than to be done. According to the press-secretary of the lottery, the payment of the "Big 4" was a staggering one thousand five hundred seventy-three percent of sales. Fortunately for lottery PA Big 4, ATVs, which are very popular with 4 lotto players are rarely drawn.

September 8, 2008 on the last chatyrohbor & # 39; and, which was held in the PA Big 4 drawing was 2-2-2-2, while paying $ 3.09 million to 1236, pick 4 lottery.

4 selection strategy game ATV so many players Lottery Pick 4 exposes the strategy of most state lotteries, to confront the choice of 4 lotto results that could bankrupt them …. it is their greatest fear.

If you were in the lottery Pick 4, the last time you were with your favorite Pick 4 Quad?

Kankakee River State Park

Kankakee River State Park, located next to the health of Illinois Bourbon and Bourbon hospital – this untouched natural paradise, which is appreciated for hundreds of years. First, it settled the Indians who inhabited the region, and then the farmers and merchants, and today tourists, campers, cyclists, anglers, hunters and kanoeisty. Case Kankakee, naturally canalized stream listed in the Federal Register pure streams with & # 39; Park popularity is the main point.

One of the popular attractions of the 1890s became an amusement park Bonfire Bower, who brought guests from Chicago. Park survived the First World War, but by the time the river has become a popular destination for summer houses. Spot more accessible for vacationers when roads were built on both banks of the river in 1928. Chicago Ethel Sterzhes Dummer ten years has donated thirty-five acres of land to create the state park. Commonwealth Edison has added nearly two thousand more acres park in 1956 and provided additional areas of the park in 1989. Currently, the State Park Kankakee River is about 4,000 acres and envelopes Kankakee both banks of the river for eleven miles, and is limited to Illinois Route 113 on the south side and the Illinois Route 102 north. Interstate highway 55 and 57 provide easy access to the park from local health communities Kankakee, Bradley, and Bourbon.

A number of prehistoric monuments are in State Park Kankakee River. Native American inhabitants of the area at the time when the 1670s came the first Europeans, the Indians were Miami and Ilyin. Miami has a large group, so the Kankakee River was originally called the Miami River. Maskuten and Kikapuo also inhabited the region since the late 1670's to the 1760's, and the Indians Patavatomi hunted in the area until late in life. By the 1770s the region was dominated country Patavatomi, Chyppeva and Ottawa, known as the "Three fire". The largest village was known as Rock Village and located in the modern park near the mouth of Rock Creek. The last of the great Indian council held here in 1830. In 1832, after the Black Hawk War, Patavatami were forced to give up all their land, which lay along the Kankakee and Illinois rivers, for the US government. Most of the Potawatomi abandoned the region, except for the main show-wow us Zee, whose grave is marked boulders lying on nature trails Nature Rock Creek.

In the 1820s, the French fur products, including Noel Le Vasseur, Hubbard Chabar and Fran├žois Bourbon, traded Patavatami, who lived along the Iroquois and Kankakee rivers. If the Potawatomi abandoned the region in 1838, Le Vasseur called upon French Canadians from Quebec to emigrate to Bourbon Town district. So he was given the name "Father of Kankakee." William Baker and other settlers also began to engage in the Kankakee River Valley in 1831, and the village log Rockville was founded in 1840. In 1847, navigation Kankakee and Iroquois was organized to provide a navigable waterway from Illinois and Michigan Canal before landing Warner & # 39; s to the present day Warner Bridge Rd. The company went bankrupt in the early 1880s took the Wabash Railroad. Hand cut limestone pillars are still standing in the camping Chyppeva where should the railway bridge before going into the railroad had to be built out of funds.

custody of domestic animals – big problems in divorces

Earlier so that in terms of rights of custody during the divorce, we thought only of children, but because the ownership of the animals increased and pets have become beloved family members & # 39; and, the right to custody of the pets has become a big problem. Two states have even gone so far as to adopt legislation (other states are considering it), which supports the form of care, when it comes to family pets. While most states have domestic animals are still considered personal property, Illinois and Alaska moved ahead and adopted legislation on the custody of the pets, which looks at the rights of animals from a different perspective.

For example, in January of last January, the Marriage Act and Divorce Illinois marriage was amended to protect "animal-companions" of personal property. When deciding on a divorce the jury must consider "well-being of a pet," before making a decision to award a single or joint ownership of the pet. Western legislation on custody of the animals in Alaska allows courts to consider "well-being" pet when making decisions about care. Legislation, such as Alaska and Illinois, support the trend, how we feel about our companion animals. At least 32 states, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, have provisions that allow the courts to assign ownership of a pet in a domestic violence & # 39; and.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Fighting for the one who can contain pets can become so ugly, as well as disputes about child custody. Pets for most people & # 39 are members of the family & # 39; and and treat them. For several years, courts have appropriated the right to custody, visiting and paying maintenance pet owner. Estate or trust awards for pet care can not be heard.

Courts in California, which is still considered animals as property, no right to grant custody of any of the spouses. The Court only has the right to determine the ownership of the animal, and the animal – is the highest interest, which is not required. Couples are expected to decide how will take care of, to attend and take care. If couples can come to a mutual decision about what is best for your pet, it may be agreed. But if not, and the differences prevail, may come a time for the intervention of a third party.

Broker your way to successful sharing of pets

Skilled divorce mediator acts as a neutral third party, a pair of conductive during separation upon careful consideration of each question divorce. The mediator can not only help you make decisions on issues such as division of assets and debts, child support, alimony and custody, as well as a mediator can help you determine the care of your valuable animals. Together with the amount of time spent with the pet, husband and wife, who are divorced, could consider the cost of food and veterinary bills. Taking into account the well-being of the pet and with respect to the wishes of each of the spouses, the mediator will help you make a joint or single agreement on custody that is suitable for your family & # 39; and.

Management of the company with limited liability – issues to consider

Each Limited Liability Company (LLC), which has more than one member should decide how members will decide both collectively and individually. Be members of the Management Company directly or through managers? As the vote will be conducted? What issues require the approval of the members? This article discusses some of the key issues that companies need to consider when creating members of a limited liability company.

A limited liability company may be controlled directly, its members or may provide control of one or more managers. In Illinois, it is necessary to control a member of the LLC or to manage the head, must be specified in the Charter, so the original decision should be taken at the time of the Charter of the organization. In Delaware, on the contrary, any company can manage manager, and in the certificate of organization LLC is not any provisions required.

members of the management. The company, which is controlled by members of the Illinois, each member has equal rights in the management and conduct of business. Except for some of the actions provided for by the Law on the Illinois LLC, any questions related to the business company may be decided by a majority of members. The company, which is controlled by the members, with each member of the & # 39 LLC is the agent for the purpose of its activities, and participant certificate, including the signing of the document in the name of the company, usually obliges LLC. This is different from the company, which is controlled by the manager, if a member is not able to bind LLC.

Operations manager. Ltd., which is guided by the manager, similar to the corporate structure, where shareholders elect directors, manages the daily affairs of business. The company, which is controlled by the manager, the members of the company are not involved in the daily management of a limited liability company. The number of managers and the way they are appointed or elected, are not specified in the statute, so the exploitation agreement Ltd should fill the gap.

While managers exercise daily control over the company, about the operation of the treaty may limit the powers of managers and require the approval of the members on key business decisions. However, each of the heads of the law with the & # 39 is an agent of the company and has the authority to bind the Company any act that is business as usual, when the third party is not knowledge, that the head of lacking actual authority to bind the company.

an operating agreement should also include a method of removing the head. According to the law of the Illinois LLC, the manager can be removed by a majority vote of the members of the limited liability company.

Questions in which participants can vote. member LLC Illinois voting rights can be broad or limited in a & # 39; volume (for example,, After the partnership or corporate structure) or any interests of membership may not have voting rights. If extensive rights, should be considered the procedure that must be followed in the preparation of such approval will be provided (for example, by meeting or written consent). Often considered relevant for the purposes of the right to vote, as follows:

  • appointment of the head
  • Enrollment of new members
  • The issuance of new interests active member
  • Amendments to the current agreement
  • Sale of business or a significant portion of assets
  • A merger or other business combination with
  • Approval of the annual budget
  • dissolution of a company
  • The distribution among the members of
  • money loan

Voting can be done on the basis of each member, in the interests of friendship or in the classroom. If there are several classes in the interests of friendship, these classes may receive different voting rights.

The default rule for Illinois LLC requires the permission of the majority for the majority of activities related to the business and affairs of company. The agreement on the operation Ltd. shall indicate whether the majority needed, excessive or unanimous consent in a particular case.

According to the law of the Illinois LLC, if the current agreement provides otherwise, a new member can be admitted to the Company without the unanimous consent of the other members. The operating agreement should be defined the procedure for admitting new members and provided the necessary approval, such as unanimity, zvyshmagutnastsi, majority or consent of the head.

the recipient the right to vote. If the company allows the participant to transfer their interests to a third party, part listed includes the right member of the profit and losses of the company, as well as the right to receive distributions from the company, but the transferee can not participate in the management of the business, if he or she is not recognized as a member.

It's a few key issues that must be addressed by each company with limited liability in Illinois, which has more than one member. Of course, on how the issues are resolved in each instance, will depend on many factors. Experienced business lawyer should help members Ltd to ensure that the provisions on the management, they take the ones that will best fit their needs.

4 Select a system in which the strategy will win more than the Powerball and Mega Millions

Italian Lottery announced recently that they add Powerball Game to your list of gaming lottery games for all their loyal players in the state lottery. Powerball joins Mega Millions, Illinois Lotto, Little Lotto, Pick 4 and Pick 3 Games.

Given the odds of winning each of these games – each of them in a ticket for $ 1 – there is a big difference, as in payments. Winning money – the main goal of each player in the lottery. Thus, what game is best played in order to achieve financial success? This Powerball? It Megamilony? Or a lottery "Pick 4" with the right strategy?

The chances of winning Powerball jackpot of several million dollars – on 1 195 000 000. The odds of winning the jackpot like Mega Millions – 1 125 000 000. The chance to win in Illinois Lotus shown at 1 in 1,000,000.

Jackpot Little Lotto, which starts from $ 100 000 and growing every shift, has a chance of 1 in 575.757. Game Pick 4 – 1 in 10,000, and Pick 3 – 1 in a thousand.

Honestly, very little chance of winning the jackpot with 195 million to 1, and by 575 757 to 1, if you are not married to Lady Luck. To avoid comparing apples and oranges, let's compare the smaller amount of prizes and the chances of the lottery results Lottery Pick 4 strategy.

The third winning Powerball chance of 723.145 to 1 if paid 10,000 dollars. The chances of the fourth and fifth level of the prize is 19031 and 13645, respectively, for the payment of $ 100 US each. Mega Millions & # 39; third prize ratio is 89,065 to1 when paying $ 10 000. The coefficients of the level of the fourth and the fifth prize is 15313 and 13771, respectively, for each $ 150 payment.

second prize factor in Illinois Lotto is 36,881 to 1, and has a pair of mutuelya payment, the last two – $ 1502.00 and $ 1130.00. Little Lotto & # 39; s second prize has a chance of 1 to 3387 with the payment of $ 100. In the Pick 4, except for the main prize of $ 5000, there is a secondary prize of "Box" – any order of four digits – with chances from 2500, one thousand six hundred sixty-seven, 833 and 417 to 1, with payments in 1200, $ 800, $ 400 and $ 200 respectively. Pick 3 main pay a $ 500 prize and two secondary prizes Box with ratios of 333 to 1 and 167 to 1 160 and pay $ 80.

Now we have a better opportunity to compare the Powerball, Mega Millions, Illito Lotto and Pick 4 Lottery. We want to compare the odds with which you play, and the income from these various lotteries, and know which one is the best buy for $ 1 Small lots eliminated due to a very high chance of over half a million to one. . Choice of 3, although he has the best odds of 1000 to 1 of winning the jackpot, the payment is too low to compete.

That leaves the third, fourth and fifth prizes Powerball and Mega Millions, the second prize of the lot and the Illinois Pick 4 Straight Jackpot and Box prizes level of our apples and apples comparison. Choice of 4 to compete at the level of $ 10 000 will increase, and the investment of $ 2 jackpot prize of 10 000 dollars.

Every smart investor wants to take advantage of every opportunity to reduce the chances of increasing the chances of winning. This process begins, naturally, with the fact that to know the odds of each lottery to begin with. It has already been established above.

The next thing that a smart investor makes for yourself – learn more about the lottery that they are interested in. By studying these lotteries, bingo participant finds out where best to invest their money.

Then, the investor measures any possible system that can be applied to any of the lottery games that will further enhance their chances of winning by a studied, proven and winning strategies. For example, in blackjack card counting – is a highly touted system that blackjack players use to improve their financial returns.

Lottery games with the upper dimensions, the Powerball and Mega Millions, has a great chance that you have won $ 10 000. Powerball is from 725.145 to 1 Megamilony – 89, 065. Compare this with the choice of 4, the odds of 10,000 to 1. That's a big difference in the chance to win $ 10,000 at single rate. The Pick 4 also has ten automatic straight winning numbers to quadruple rooms 0000, 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7777, 8888 and 9999, to capture the jackpot prize of 10,000 dollars at an investment of $ 2.

Comparing the cash prize with a low level, Pick 4, except for the lowest and most favorable rates, offering a range from $ 200 to $ 1,200 per Box Win, who clearly pays Powerball and Mega Millions $ 100 and $ 150 prizes. Lottery "Pick 4" once again and improves the chances of Illinois Lotto and Lotto.

Illinois Lottery – it's the only lottery that competes favorably at the highest level of the prize amount in comparison with the payments 4 4 Pbox Box; chances remain largely in favor of the Pick 4 game.

Another good news is that the game Pick 4 Box covers more than just a number. For the "troika" (1113), it covers four numbers. "Double doubles" (1122) give six rooms for the price of one. Pick 4 "doubles" (1233) and will provide another dozen for your dollar. Pick 4 "Single" Box play takes twenty-four numbers to win $ 200 for every $ 1 invested at 417 to 1 odds.

Adding a proven strategy selection 4 Pick 4 lottery game improves your Pick 4. This is definitely the way to get the most out of your investment. selection system 4, which includes a strategy for investment management and money, which can demonstrate ways to play for free – the best investment that you can do to get the biggest bang for your buck in the world of lotteries.

If you really want to stop the loss and start winning money in the lottery, it is not aslepvaytse brilliant advertising messages about winning hundreds of millions of dollars, which hide unbeatable odds of these games, creating millions of losers with each draw.

Play SMART and play for free and within your budget, choosing the best lottery game using a proven winning system with multiple strategies that increase the already winning chances of the game Pick 4. Several strategies can also show you how to play for free, making profit. Other strategies lead you to a higher dollar, reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars if you padymaetsesya the ladder of economic success and freedom.

So be responsible and sing SMART! Become a winner! Play pick 4 lottery!

The Law on the unified judicial custody and guardianship of adults

of a single jurisdiction law on guardianship and care of adults ( "UAGPPJA") contains fundamental changes in the practice of law on welfare arena. UAGPPJA, registered as a Public Law 096-0177, considering the issues affecting many jurisdictions (state) the transfer and recognition of the public care.

The applicability of the new provisions of the law on the prohibition is designed to eliminate the problems of the state's jurisdiction in cases of "abductions grandmother." Normally the picture of the facts occurs when an adult resident of the State of Illinois is visiting the child in another state (Washington) on vacation, or a child arrives in Illinois and kidnaps the mother and takes her back to the house (Washington) children enrolled in the state other than Illinois. Often breaking the rules designed to financial exploitation and deprivation of parental jurisdiction of the court in the State of the parent of the parent state – Illinois. Further such behavior is designed to bring parents out of the reach of custody Illinois. If a State which accepts, took UAGPPJA, a lawyer can rely on the new statutes of Illinois.

As an option, the new form provides for the designation of whether the Illinois special jurisdiction (which means no home state, and not much communication jurisdiction) as defined in Chapter 204 UAGPPYA:

(A) The court of this state, which does not have jurisdiction in accordance with Article 203 (1) – (3), has a special jurisdiction:

(1) to appoint a guardian in an emergency for a period not exceeding 90 days, for the respondent who is physically located in such a state;
(2) issue orders concerning protective material property items disposed in this state;
(3) Designate a guardian or conservator for incompetent or protected person, for which previous order to transfer the case of another state has been issued in accordance with a procedure similar to card 301.

(B) If the application for appointment of a guardian in case of an emergency in this state is shown, and on the date of submission of the application, this house was not the defendant, the court rejects the consideration of the case at the request. Court home state, if any, required the dismissal before or after an emergency appointment. (See. 2 of Article 204 (a) and (b).

New appropriate conditions, which are expected to be included in the revised form of shares Probatov Cook County:

1) "home state" means a state in which the respondent was physically, including any period of temporary absence, at least six consecutive months immediately preceding the application for a protective order or appointment of a guardian; or if not, a condition in which the respondent was physically, including any period of temporary absence, at least six consecutive months, ending six months before the treatment. (See Article 2 of section 201 (a) (2).;

2) "state significant association" means a state which is not a & # 39 is the home state, with which the respondent has a significant connection, in addition to a simple physical presence, and in which there is considerable evidence concerning the respondent.
(See Article 2 of section 201 (a) (3). And

3) "emergency" means a circumstance which is likely to result in significant harm to the health, safety and welfare of the respondent, and for which the appointment of a guardian is necessary, because the other person has no power and is ready to act on behalf of the respondent. (See. 2 of Article 201 (a) (1).

Cook County Judicial jurisdiction in conjunction with the Chicago board according to the rules and forms of lawyers is preparing a new request for appointment of a guardian for a disabled form of CCP 0200A. The new form requires specifically ask if the Illinois to the & # 39 is the home, and if not, what is the state of the & # 39 is home.

The new statute states:

… In determining whether the defendant has a significant association with any country, the court takes into account:

(1) the location of something & # 39; and the respondent and other persons who are required to receive a message of trustees or a protective order;

(2) the length of time the respondent at any time in a state, and the duration of any of its absence;

(3) place the respondent's location; and

(4) the extent to which the respondent has a relationship with the state, such as voting registration, filing a tax return on the state or local, car registration, driver's license, social relationships and the receipt of services. "(See. Article 2, Section 201 (b) (1-4)

As an obvious benefit to practitioners who work in practice, UAGPPJA also includes new provisions for certificates in another state, section 106 (AC).

These important changes are identified as follows:

a) In the process of guardianship or protection, in addition to other procedures that may be available, a witness who resides in another state can be provided by depazitsyi or other means acceptable in this state, for the evidence taken in another state. of their own accord the court may order that a witness had been taken in another state, and may prescribe the procedure and conditions under which the evidence to be taken.

b) In the process of guardianship or protection of the court in this state can allow a witness located in another state, be removed from office or to give evidence by telephone, audio-visual or other electronic means. The court of this state cooperates with the court of another State in the determination of the place, the right to depazitsyi or certificate.

c) Documentary evidence transmitted from another Member State to a court of this state of technological methods, which do not allow the original writing, can not be excluded from the evidence objectively, based on the best evidence rule. "(See. Section 106 (AC)

This eliminates the need to get a lawyer contain a local lawyer in another state and issue subpoenas for the surrender of applications for loan witnesses.

We live in a very mobile society, in which grown adult can easily travel from state to state, may, snow birds, which often own the real estate in several jurisdictions. Where the right to hold the guardianship, if a resident of Illinois, has an apartment on Lake Shore Drive, with children who live in Illinois, stroke, while for apartments in Florida for the winter? Illinois residents require invasive medical treatment in Florida and did not fulfill the advanced directive. This is just one example of shmatdyarzhavnyh disputes, UAGPPJA can solve.

In addition, the new statute provides for section 105, "Cooperation between the courts, which first prepares an employment relationship between the judicial system in a few states and indicates the actions that can be claimed by the Illinois judge of the judicial system in another state. This should allow the direct judicial communication and hope . and remove obstacles to quick and friendly reception in the judicial system of another country These important provisions below designated as Section 105:

(A) In the process of care or protection in the State Court of that State may request the relevant court of another state to do any of the following:

(1) to evidentiary hearing;

(2) order the person in the State to present evidence or to testify in accordance with the procedures of that State;

(3) The order than rating or evaluation made by respondents;

(4) rasparadits any appropriate investigation of the person participating in the proceedings;

(5) submit to the court of that State a certified copy of the transcript or other record of the hearing under paragraph 1 or any other case, any evidence provided by other means in accordance with paragraph (2), and any evaluation or assessment, prepared in accordance with an order under paragraph (3) or (4);

(6) issue any provisions necessary for a & # 39; appearance in the proceedings the person whose presence is necessary that the court made a decision, including the defendant or incapacitated or protected person;

(7) to issue an order to permit the issuance of medical, financial, criminal and other relevant information in the State, including information on health care, as defined in section 454 504 CFR 45. (See. Article 1, Section 105 (a)).

This position is indicated in Section 105 (b), which contains the Illinois courts have limited jurisdiction to grant the request made by another State in the Illinois court, for the limited purpose to grant the request, or make reasonable efforts to comply with the request.

The status is language:

(B) If the court of another country in which the guardianship and protection agencies dealing with the matter, requires the help of the form referred to in subparagraph (a), the court of that State has jurisdiction for the limited purpose to grant the application or to make reasonable efforts to comply with the request. "(See. Article 1, Section 105 (b).

For example, perhaps the court of Florida appealed to the district department of the ban Cook heard the testimony of a psychiatrist of Illinois at Snowbird example stated above. If a resident of Illinois during the visit of the disease in Florida suffering from mental illness in Illinois certificate older adult psychiatrist would be very important. According to the new statute, the court of Florida may require that the Court of Illinois held evidentiary hearing in accordance with section 105. Possibly the easiest way to secure the evidence would permit reading of Article 106, the adoption of evidence in another state. This provision, which specifically allows indicates depazitsyyu allows witnesses who are in the non-state, with a & # 39; is a way of drawing up a deposit. (Please note, Florida has not yet taken UAGPPJA.)

Section 206 UAGPPYA called "appropriate forum" clearly outlines the elements of the analysis to determine a & # 39 is the state corresponding platform for the proposed care. (See. Section 206 (c) after the trial from the jurisdiction to give 206 (a) or (b).

Section 206 reads as follows:

a) The Court of the State which has jurisdiction pursuant to Article 203, or appoint a trustee to issue a protective order, may decline to exercise its jurisdiction when at any time determine that a court of another State with & # 39 is a more appropriate forum.

b) If the court of the State to refrain from exercising its jurisdiction in accordance with subparagraph (a), it is either to stop or discontinue the proceedings. The court may impose any conditions that the court considers just and appropriate, including the condition that the request for appointment of a guardian or the issuance of a protection order was immediately filed in another State.

c) In determining, or & # 39 is this the appropriate forum, the court shall consider all relevant factors, including:

(1) any identified advantages respondent;

(2) the occurrence of abuse or neglect respondents operation has occurred or is likely to occur, and a state can best protect the respondent from abuse or neglect operation;

(3) the length of time the respondent was in a physical location in or was a legal resident of a State;

(4) the distance from the transponder vessels in each state;

(5) the financial circumstances of the heritage;

(6) the nature and location of evidence;

(7) the ability of the court in each of the states quickly resolve the issue and the procedure required for the presentation of evidence;

(8) The introduction of the court of each state with the facts and issues of litigation; and

(9) when it was an appointment, the court will be able to control the behavior of a guardian or conservator. (See. Article 2, Section 206)

The new law on guardianship should reduce and prevent ill-treatment of people, financial exploitation and provide older adults with protection they deserve from our judicial system in about twenty states have adopted the Uniform Law on the Custodian of adults and business protection. UAGPPYA should also assist the lawyer in the reduction of run-ins with questions of jurisdiction shmatdyarzhavnyh bodies of guardianship, if the act was passed by both states. Authorized under the uniform law continue to seek adoption UAGPPYA in the remaining states that have not adopted this position.

Criminal sekstyng

Lawyers in Illinois

"Sexting" describes the text or other electronic message from one person to another, using sexually explicit photos. It is called "sekstetyngam" because it is usually in the form of a text message from one cell phone to another.

He has become increasingly popular among teens, nearly 20% are involved in at some point. Several persons other than the intended recipient, often see photos of how the message is sent to a specified friends and classmates. sekstyng now become a major concern for parents, teachers, school officials and law enforcement agencies.

Current law in Illinois

Currently in Illinois sekstyng falls under the definition of child pornography, which means that the perpetrators – including teens – can be prosecuted for criminal responsibility and threatened a prison sentence, as well as registration as a criminal. Thus, if the 15-year-old girl half-naked photo of themselves to send to her boyfriend, she will face these consequences. In addition, her boyfriend will face the same consequences if it will forward the photo to someone, like one who has a photo on your phone.

A new law in Illinois

In January 2011, a sex sektyng no longer falls under the laws on child pornography, but under the laws on sex offenders. A new law in Illinois create a separate category for minors who have sex, and less stringent punishment. Violators will not be considered child pornography, as in the current law, and not have to whether to register as sexual offenders.

Under the new law, offenders can be arrested, but they will be before the & # 39; revealed by the charge of misconduct. This means that the punishment may include observation of municipal services or counseling.

That parents and teens need to know about the law

While a teenager who has sex with a criminal offense, it may be tough, teenagers and parents should be aware that even under the new law in Illinois, sex-section is still illegal. It will continue to be the consequences of their actions, and parents need to know what their minor children.

Parents and teens need to know that sending such messages, as well as their return is illegal. If your child receives a message on his phone, he should remove it immediately. Simple possession can be enough to get the recipient's problems with the law. In addition, the transfer or transmission of the message is not only criminal illegal, but can cross civil liability for defamation or invasion of privacy or other issues of civil liability.

What to do if your child was caught having sex

Law enforcement authorities may be notified if your child will fall in sex at school. If the police become involved, or if your child already before the & # 39; manifest charged with a crime, it is important that you hire a lawyer who best represent your child. A good lawyer in the criminal protection will listen to the facts and circumstances and may be able to determine the protection, or at least work with prosecutors to reduce the consequences.

Call us. We are free and we are confidential. We can recommend lawyers in your area who dealt with cases similar to yours.

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