J.. Rogers, Four Square and house Betsis – sycamore, Illinois – Architectural Design and History

Near the House of David Syme House is George. J.. Rogers, a peculiar mixture of styles Queen Anne and Romanesque Revival. She has a clear Tower Queen Anne houses, and there are visible Romanesque arches. The house was built in 1890 for Rogers, a respectable merchant of dry products, who settled in Sakamory in 1858.

Across the street J.. J.. Rogers is c. 1900 House Brayera Floyd E. Brower was a Sycamore attorney who purchased the house and began an extensive reworking of the house. Brower practiced law in sycamore for over 50 years.

There are a few houses in the style of the American masters, in the historic district of "sycamore". In particular, the type of "American four square", which was a common style of the early 20th century (and Output Styles yelled with rarities), it has become a popular sample book, popular retailers such address as Sears.

Foursquare House shows a perfect fusion of Prairie and Craftsman styles. Elements of the prairie – a hovering eaves, Roman brick (wiki) and a large porch.

Wally Thurow House 1917 – another excellent example of Foursquare style on Sycamore, which is almost identical to a sample widespread popular houses-mail at the time. I like this house mainly because he has a "hidden" entrance than the house in 413 Somanauka; The high-style architecture samples preryyskay difficult to find under the & # 39; drive. If you look at the middle of the second floor in the picture above, you will see the excellent work of stained glass.

Thurow is credited with the base of the pumpkin festival Sycamore, indeed in the house in 1956. For several years he showed a pumpkin on your lawn, while in 1962, Lions Club has not started to expand his idea. Thurow known as "Mr. Pumpkin".

Going full circle, we returned to the (far-fetched?) Link to the person who started this post, George. Rogers. To the east of the street Somanauka, 500 block Main Street, is the fact that the poster in the center of the House J. Sakamora calls. Rogers / Bettsisa, but a plaque in front of the house called House John Getrakalya. Whatever it was called the house it was originally built in 1863, but not on the main street.

House Bettsis – is only one part of a larger whole. He began life on the site of the house John. J.. Rogers Somanauka on the street, but in 1887 it was moved to its present location. At that time, the house that now stands next to the house Betysa, was separated from it. Now this house is known as the home of Bishop Charles A. House or the William Phelps. Bishop House was built in 1854, which made Bettsisa house in 1863 an application to this house when it was in its original place. I could not find another relationship with Rogers, except the house that once was home to the site of the present John. Rogers. Perhaps he owned it at some point in their history.

Charles Bishop was a prominent lawyer Sakamora, who came to the city of New Brunswick in 1878. In the end, he held the positions of district and county judge.

Online Resources

* J. House. Rogers: photo 1970

* Str. S. Samanauka 413: Photo 1970

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Health History Montaigne Illinois

Hospital Montaigne was for much of the twentieth century, the largest institution for the mentally ill in Illinois and one of the largest in America. Located in the county of Kankakee about forty miles south-east of Chicago and fifteen miles west of the hospital Vilmingtana, public hospital Montaigne opened in 1930 and since its inception has been at the forefront of technological and psychological achievements in the treatment of the mentally ill throughout its history. On the one hand, the 1000 hectares of public hospital Montaigne were landscaped and inter & # 39; EASURES 100 buildings were decorated (in the 1930s – WPA murals, made and installed by renowned artist Gustaf Dalstromam to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for both patients and for the staff.

The first of these murals, installed in the lobby of the office building, painted the legend of the Indian maiden Mantenau, which is called the city. With a population that eventually exceeded eight thousand patients, the hospital was community created (since 1945) its own newspaper – Manteno State Hospital News. MSH was also the first public hospital in the state of Illinois, which opened its own synagogue, when in 1953 it acquired the Torah Ark and for Jewish services. Professional and art therapy programs, such as the drum body (founded in 1955) were neodymium & # 39; emnay part of the treatment of ICH. Annual exhibition and sale of Art-o-Rama and sale of the patients & # 39; The work of art was founded in 1957. The hospital even had its own Cinemascope movie theater, which opened in 1955, and a private bus line. State Hospital Montaigne also had a collective farm a farm in which to work, patients whose more than 30 000 dollars of agricultural products were produced in 1938, and also provides a table with fresh food and making money on less severely ill. The underground root cellar, completed in 1939, was used for storage of vegetables.

As the introduction of new psychiatric treatment of mental illness, they were quickly adopted in the health Montaigne Illinois. For example, the test treatment Metrazol shock therapy for the treatment of certain forms of schizophrenia and depression began in 1936, shortly after the invention of a technique. They were also used insulin therapy, elektrapireksiyay and electric shock. Sanitation tuberculosis was discovered in the fall of 1937 Montaigne Since the 1950s invented a new psychiatric drugs, such as hlorpramazin, reserpine and other drugs used to treat schizophrenia and epilepsy, their effects have been thoroughly studied in the MSG. . Since most of the voluntary practices were chronic alcoholics, in 1958, pioneering the program of Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in the BCH.

State Hospital Montaigne has also been closely linked with educational and research institutions in the area. In 1939, an outbreak of typhoid fever has led to the deaths of sixty patients, prompting authorities to issue a quarantine for six months and impose a moratorium on new patients receptions. As a result, Montana State Hospital became a center of typhus and malaria research; and then research programs on steroids cancer treatment of breast were introduced. In 1947, the hospital has become associated with the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois, which offered its students a two-month residence in Montaigne as part of their training. In 1950, the bacteriological laboratory State Hospital Montaigne became part of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

In the 1970s, at a public hospital Montaigne broke several scandals, including the opening of experimental operations that have been done on patients without their consent in the 1950s, as well as allegations of sexual violence and high interest rates. patient death. hospital population is still reduced to three million and continued to fall, and all the more difficult to get competent staff. In the hospital began to receive "nyavznaomanyh patients": if a homeless person with no family ties with the & # 39; was in any hospital or Vilmingtana Chicago, Illinois, they are automatically sent to Montaigne. Although Montaigne was never designed to deal with violent patients, more and more patients mityt – criminals who were more clever and cruel than normal patients – were sent to the hospital. Walkaways – an escape from the hospital due to inadequate supervision – have caused fear in society. By 1983, Governor Thompson decided to close the MSH, which ceased operations December 31, 1985.

Bafalavy grove and the Black Hawk War – Paul, Illinois – History and historic sites

Illinois was a very different place in 1832, an open, rarely populated and filled with fear. In that year, the head of the scoop Black Hawk made the invasion of Illinois, breaking what he saw as unfair contracts. The incident caused a war that ended in tragedy throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, modern (if Michigan Territory). I investigated and was most widespread material on Wikipedia dedicated to Black Hawk War, put a lot of energy in it is accurate, and links.

During the war, there were many attacks, ambushes and looting, and the action spread to the area known as Buffalo Grove, not far from today's Paul, Illinois.

An incident known as ambush Buffalo Grove (cm. Vicki me), or punishment of Buffalo Grove (wrongly, as only one person died). It was my 19th, 1832, shortly after the start of military action in the Battle of Stelman-bigu (see. Vicki me) in the modern Ogle County, Illinois, not far from the floor. A group of 6 of Illinois militiamen ambushed probably izgoemnaya group Kikapoo near a small settlement called Buffalo Grove (wiki), which has been largely evacuated. One of the police men was killed, William Darla. Today, the marker is located at his place of burial. The marker was installed Polo Historical Society in 1910, at this time the remains were transferred to Darla place marker.

Online Resources

* Wikipedia: List of records associated with the Black Hawk War, mainly me and scrutinized for accuracy, a good resource.

* Monument to William Darla: Form Inventory of Historic Places Illinois

* The Illinois Digital Archives: monument to William Darla

* James Lewis, Ph.D., a website NRU: Black Hawk War in 1832, another great resource

Wages of Illinois, the unique aspects of the law and practice of the State of Illinois wage

The State Agency of Illinois, which oversees the collection and reporting of taxes on state income, which accounted for checks on the payroll:

revenue Department

101 W. Jefferson St.

P.O. Box 19022 years

Springfield, IL 62794-9022

(217) 785-0970

(800) 732-8866 (US state)


Illinois requires the use of a form of Illinois "IL-W-4, IL, which contains auxiliary license" rather than a federal Form W-4 for the withholding tax on income from the State of Illinois.

Not all states allow a reduction of salaries provided for under Section 125 cafeteria plans or 401 (k) be considered as IRS code allows. The plans of cafeteria of Illinois are: not taxable for income tax; Not taxable for unemployment insurance if used to purchase medical life insurance. 401 (k) deferral plan not subject to income tax; taxable for unemployment purposes.

In Illinois additional wage taxed at a fixed rate of 3.0%.

You must submit Illinois W-2s by magnetic media if you have at least 250 employees and must provide their federal W-2s by magnetic media.

The State Agency of insurance against unemployment Illinois:

Employment Security Department

401 C. Public communication.

Chicago, IL 60605-1289

(312) 793-5700


Tax base salary of Illinois for the purposes of unemployment – is the salary up to $ 9 800,00.

Illinois requires the provision of materials magnetic media of the quarterly report on wages when the employer has at least 250 employees, they report in this quarter.

Unemployment records in Illinois must be kept for at least five years. This information generally includes: name; social security number; dates of hire, perazapytu and termination; wages by period; Payment periods in wages and payment dates; date and circumstances of termination.

State of Illinois agency that puts the responsibility for compliance with wage and hours laws:

Department of labor

law enforcement right

160 North LaSalle, Ste. C1300

Chicago, IL 60601

(312) 793-2800


The minimum wage in Illinois is $ 6.50 an hour.

General situation in Illinois regarding overtime employers are not covered by the FLSA, one and a half times the normal rate after 40-hour week.

New Illinois State reporting requirements are that every employer must report every new hire and forwarding. The employer must report the federal required elements:

  • employee name
  • officer address
  • Social Security number of an employee
  • name of employer
  • employers address
  • Employer identification number federal employer (EIN)

This information must be provided within 20 days of the hiring or rehearsal.

Information can be sent as a W4 or equivalent by mail, fax or electronically.

For delayed reporting in Illinois the penalty in the amount of $ 15, 500 dollars.

New rental agency in Illinois, please call 800-327-4473 or on the Internet at (http://www.ides.state.il.us/employer/newhire/general.htm)

Illinois does not allow compulsory direct deposit

Illinois requires the following information about the employee's salary:

  • detailed charges
  • Illinois requires that employees pay at least half-moon; monthly for employees exempt from FLSA; Union treaty may provide for different time intervals.

    Illinois requires that the lag time between the end of the wage period and the payment of wages to workers does not exceed two weeks, 13 days; weekly-7d; monthly, 21 days; day-1 day.

    Illinois law on the payroll requires that employees who are forced to make free, immediately paid the final payment, if possible, and if not, then to the next stage; next regular salary during the suspension due to labor dispute or temporarily laid off, and if voluntarily laid off workers must be paid immediately; if not, then to the next stage.

    Nevyplachanuyu wages of the deceased worker must be paid when normally belongs to the person who borrowed for expenses for the funeral, husband / wife or child after a brief statement of the property; estate of no more than 15 000 dollars.

    Eskhatav laws in Illinois require the State to pay the salary of unclaimed after five years.

    In addition, the employer is required in Illinois to conduct a report on salaries, abandoned and transferred to the state for 5 years.

    The Wages Act Illinois not more than 40% of the minimum wage may be used as an additional loan.

    In Illinois, the legislation on payroll, covering mandatory rest or meal breaks, lies in the fact that employees must have 20 minutes during the first 5 hours of 7 and a half-hour change.

    Alabama Charter requires that reports on wages and hours were carried out for a period of at least five years. These recordings are usually composed of the minimum necessary according to FLSA.

    Agency of Illinois, who is accused of carrying out the orders and laws to support the children, & # 39 is:

    Department to provide maintenance

    State Aid Department

    509 C. 6-I binding.

    Springfield, IL 62701

    (800) 447-4278


    Illinois has the following provisions for child support calculation of:

    • If you start to hold? 14 working days after the payment of the tax is sent to the employer.
    • If you send a payment? Within 7 days of Payday.
    • If you send a message of termination? "Promptly".
    • Maximum Administrative Fee? $ 5 per payment.
    • Limits on content? Federal Rules of CCPA.

    Please note that this article is not updated for changes that can and will happen from time to time.

    Best zoo in Illinois

    Illinois is known for its cultural attractions and modern medical facilities. Visitors who want to get the best services for animals and people can find a zoological garden or Illinois hospital for their particular needs and interests. Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, founded in 1868, with the & # 39 is one of the oldest zoos in the United States, as well as one of the most modern. Every year, the zoo in Lincoln Park receives over 3 million visitors. Zoo operates 365 days a year, and it offers many educational programs, as well as old-fashioned fun and entertainment for the whole family & # 39; and. Visitors can come very close to the animals and stare eye to eye with lowland gorilla or an enormous brown bear. Zoo in Lincoln Park is known not only for its extensive collection of fauna from around the world, but also for its architecture and hardware. Visitors of all ages are addicted chatyrohmernym virtual simulator safari, a trip on LPZoo Express trains and audio-tour Safari. Although entrance to Lincoln Park Zoo is free, a small fee for attending these special attractions. The zoo has two excellent gift shops and several restaurant options, and it is conveniently located close to the top 10 Illinois hospitals.

    To the west of Chicago, in Brookfield, Illinois, is the Brookfield Zoo. This zoo, established in 1934, is also open 365 days a year. 2,000 animals occupy more than 200 hectares of land which is undeveloped to restore the natural habitat of animals. Instead, the cells this zoo uses moats and other natural bar & # 39; EASURES to keep the animals separated from the visitors and each other. Brookfield complete collection of fauna includes the first giant panda indicated in America, as well as special exhibits such as baboons Island, Australia House, Dolphin show, Wolf Woods, Pachyderma house and reptile house. It also includes the world-famous Tropic World, which reproduces a tropical forest complete with gaily colored birds, monkeys, even a thunderstorm simulation. There is also a petting zoo, and a zoo for small children, where visitors can closely and closely interact with the animals. Motor Safari tram allows visitors to tour all over the territory. There are gift shops and various dining options.

    Coseley Zoo in Wheaton, Illinois is located on 5 acres of land and specializes in pet farm animals, as well as in the wild, born in Illinois. In a pleasant site there is an area where visitors can spend a picnic, as well as a gift shop and food. The state park "Wildlife Prairie" also feature local wild nature Illinois. Located ten miles west of Peoryi on Interstate 74, in the zoological garden of two thousand acres presents bison, black bears, cougars, elk, otters, waterfowl, wolves and many other species.

    Also Peoryi located near many hospitals Elah, it is a zoo Oak Glen. This zoo is represented by a hundred species of animals from around the world. In addition to its collection of fauna the zoo offers daily performances of sea lions and chatter. There is a good souvenir shop and restaurant.

    Serpent Safari in Gorne Illinois – indoor zoo, which features rare reptiles which includes Baby – the biggest in the world (403 pound) snake. There are rare albino alligators, Nile crocodiles, anacondas which weigh over 250 lbs., Cobras, and many other species. The gift shop even sold pets so you can bring home to reptiles!

    Planning a trip to Illinois

    Illinois, which is a & # 39 is the fifth most populous state in the United States, also with a & # 39 is one of the most visited places in the country. Chicago – the central industrial city of this state. But there are other cities that you will be very interesting. This part of the United States boasts the presence of so many museums.

    Here you will find the largest presidential library in the country. He called modern Presidential Library and the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield. Other equally strange museums include the Museum of Science and Industry, Aquarium John G. Shedda, Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum of Nature. All of these museums will be acquainted with the history and culture of the state.

    Besides the museums, you will also find a park system that began in 1908. Now called State Park Fort Massaki. It includes over a hundred parks, wildlife sanctuaries and recreational areas. Some of the natural attractions that you should check out include National Historic trail of Lewis and Clark National Heritage Corridor Illinois and Michigan Canal National Historic trail pioneer Mormons, American trail of discovery and a National Historic Landmark Linkalnskaga home in Springfield.

    Of course, there is no way to miss the statue of Clark Kent in the Superman costume, Metropolis Planet newspaper and museums Great if you're a big fan of this world-famous superhero. All these attractions would make your trip a memorable one in Illinois.

    Eshelfard Hall – Esmond, Illinois

    In the National Register of Historic Places has over 90,000 listings. Not all of them well-groomed, I was faced with a significant share of dilapidated properties, one of them here in Dekalb County. While far from falling, Ashelfard Hall in the small village of Esmond, Illinois, to put it mildly, it is in disrepair.

    1925 – Eshelfard Hall

    Eshlford Hall was built in 1925 by William Henry Eshelfardam and immediately became the social center of the tiny village near the county line Dekalb-Eagle. Medical exhibitions, shows vodevilav and entertainment of all types & # 39 were on site. In 1928, the local men's club began to gather in the hall, on the heels of this meeting Guy Sound-Grange in the place of its discovery in 1925.

    Ashelfard Hall has a unique wedge shape

    The building is constructed of concrete blocks, popular around the years 1905-1930 and has a unique wedge-shaped. This probably accounts for a lot on which it stands. Once located in the south of the railway depot and railroad tracks were laid on the diagonal. The depot and tracks are now gone, as well as buildings that once surrounded the area, but Ashelfard Hall remains in the form of a wedge.

    Wedge shape with a & # 39 is the result of the angular rail tracks that once faced this side of the building.

    The National Registry of Historic Places nomination form in 1995 said that the current function "Ashelfard Hall" – is a "work in progress". When I visited last year, it became clear that there was no progress. Inter & # 39; er seemed served as a place of storage, and there was trash and broken windows. Unfortunately, the preservation of the history – it is an expensive affair, at least, is still standing. If you look at photographs, related to the end of the page, you will see that between the appearance of the building in 1995 and 2007. There is not much difference. A good thing, depending on how you look at it, I suppose.

    Inter & # 39; er served as a garage since the beginning of 2007.

    How to score a nomination form, which is shown below, is almost encyclopedic in covering buildings and history Esmanda. I hope this is helpful, and the building will receive the restoration it deserves. It would be nice to see how the music or theater once again sounded through Ashelfard Hall.

    Online Resources

    * Wikipedia: Ashelfard Hall, Esmond, Illinois (like me, for you)

    * Eshelfard Hall: National Registry of Historic Places nomination form

    * Eshelfard Hall: old photos (NRHP archives) – 1995: 1, 2, 3; Part 1, part 2

    Tomorrow we will begin the journey in the history of architecture. With the first of the eight-part series, we look at some important places in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois.

    The protest at the county site IL-McEnroe "Parents dead whipping"

    County Sheriff's decision McEnroe Nigrena publicly humiliate the parents of the dead people who, according to the courts, are obliged to pay child support at the level of 5346 to forty-one thousand one hundred twenty-two dollars alarming. It seems strange that only the parents go in cases when the mothers who do not watch over, 20% more likely to meet their obligations to care for children, according to the US Census.

    The stereotype of the father's death – a distortion that perpetuates many myths associated with the support of the child. The vast majority of men who do not pay child support, do so because of unemployment or poverty. Parents who pay child support before quickly dissipated now face the question: "I cry help, or I eat?" Since the law of Illinois requires parents to pay 20 to 50 percent of their income, how much remains survive on unemployment check of 650 dollars?

    Not surprisingly, "the pope, who died" was the headliner of numerous stories for decades all over the country. We often remind the media highlights of the parents who do not pay in comparison to many who struggle to support their children. These stereotypes should not be isolated and ignored, they should be eliminated.

    Evidence shows that parents in financial danger far from the "death penalty." In fact, the data of the Federal Bureau to ensure human rights protection in the children show that two-thirds of those who are behind the alimony for the whole country, are employed at the country level; less than four percent of the public debt on child support borrowed those who earn 40,000 US dollars or more per year. According to the largest federal-funded study of divorced dads ever conducted, unemployment, not willful neglect, with & # 39 is the biggest cause of failure to pay child support. Since Illinois exceeds 10.5 percent unemployment rate, these facts can not be ignored.

    Although the label of "the fathers of the dead" does apply to some parents who deliberately evade the responsibility for the support, it is not the gender. The big problem is not the parents who do not watch over, and in children's support system. Arrest of parents with low income or holding names and faces in a widely publicized media publications is not with & # 39; is neither fair nor useful. Instead, you need to overhaul the system, to the unemployed and unemployed workers are not turned into criminals because they did not pay the obligations, which are not included. Especially now, the system has to work to help parents keep the children so that they have the means to maintain. We should eliminate the need to focus on "the battle of the dead" and help parents and parents "died" in the care of the fact that they love the most – their children.

    A Brief History of Richmond, Illinois

    Richmond, Illinois, is very small and quaint town on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. Its population is now around 1500, but the new construction of housing in the four-fold increase in the number of homes over the next 10 years. It is called the "village Esteryer" because it boasts many Victorian style homes and an interesting array of antique shops.

    William A. McConnell credited with founding the village of Richmond.

    Also known as "The Squire" McConnell was 27-year-old carpenter and farmer who lived in Pennsylvania. He dreamed of independence and went to Richmond on a horse in 1837. In his biography McConnell said that in this area there are only two neighbors. He singled out the claim on 480 acres of land and bought it when he & # 39; to hit the market in 1840 under the Treaty on the Blackhawk. Family conversation states that McConnell spent his first night under a tree oak across from today's school Rychmonda. This is a very mature tree is still standing. After all, McConnell, a great-grandson, calls it "a small oak tree." While Richmond has been mostly prairie stained oak and still is part of the Lake District of Illinois.

    In 1838, McConnell and his new wife Elizabeth built a 16 & # 39; x 18 & # 39; frame, in which his family & # 39; I lived for 15 years. It was located to the west of the current Grace Lutheran Church, and it was the first residence, built in the town of Richmond.
    The mill was built in 1840 in Nippersinku, and now this region occupies a restaurant Doyle.

    In 1852, McConnell built a house in the style of Greek Revival across the road from the log. He and his family & # 39; I have lived in this house 20 years raising three sons. In 1872, he gave the house to his son John.

    With McConnell bought from the state about 1,400 acres over time. the city limits were set in 1844, and Richmond got its name in competition with the man who rose to the highest, when the new mill was built. This man was Isaac Reed, who chose the name of the village, which is remembered from his childhood in Vermont.

    McConnell engaged many local activities. He was a member of the Commission of Railway Transport, the legislator in Springfield, selected District Commissioner McEnroe, first Peace of Richmond, the first post master and an assistant referee for 16 years. He belonged to the first group in the temperature McEnroe District.
    McConnell opened the first cheese factory about half a mile west of the city. Old bank building on Broadway owned by the son of George MakKonela. "It Bank It Uncle George." We have what we call "- remembered After McConnell, the great-grandson of William A. Makkonela.

    How it was named Richmond

    Theodore Purdy bought felling Charles A. Noyes in 1937. Purdy pitched village in 1844 with Charles Kottsingam who settled in Richmond in 1844. Together they built a mill on Main and Mill streets.

    A competition was organized to the one who stood up to the new mill could be called a village. Isaac Reed won the contest and named in honor of the village of Richmond, Vermont, where he lived as a child.

    Richmond grows

    By the mid-1840s Richmond resembled a small city with a hotel, sawmill, manufacturers of cars, a doctor and a lawyer. McConnell built a cheese-making factory (perhaps the first in the county McEnroe) west of the city.
    Officially registered by September 2, 1872 Fillmore Dr Bennett was elected the first president of the village. The first director of the school in Fillmore wrote poems and hymns. "In the sweet bye" it was the most famous.
    Railroad tracks with & # 39 appeared in 1850. McConnell was one of the directors of the railways. The first train crossed Nippersank, in 1855.
    memorial hall

    Charles DeVito McConnell donated the village of 10,000 dollars, "which will be used for the construction of a village or town hall, is also called the Memorial Hall, and use it when you want the church community and school functions for free, and not be used for immoral or amoral exhibitions show .. . "President of the EC Rural Kovell purchased the land where now stands the Memorial hall in Charles Cruz, who owned a hardware store on the corner in the center of Broadway and Rt. 12. Then the hardware store was the story Emporium antiques, and now on top of the front wall you can see the name "Kruse".

    Memorial Hall was built in the early 1900s. He put an auditorium with a balcony and a stage where the players JB Rotnour for many years advocated.

    Richmond Police Department took part basement with two cameras prison.

    Meetings of the village councils were held in the Memorial Hall as long as 1993 is not a new village council was built. This building is now in conjunction with the police department. Hall remained vacant until Chris Gallagher in 1992 did not submit a grant Illinoyskaga Arts Council to create a Center for Creative Arts Nippersink. Founding members include Christina Gallagher, Yvonne Klens Carolyn Janus, Donna Coral and Nancy Richardson. Many local groups to donate money to the organization. Center for Creative Arts pushed to Memorial Hall is a historic landmark building, what it is today.

    Public library use room, since the 1930s. In the 1940s the library moved into the pharmacy part on Broadway and Main. But the July 7, 1972 the library moved back to the Memorial Hall, before moving to its own building in 1990.
    In addition to working rural authorities, in the Memorial Hall passed school plays and graduations. Basketball games are played, beginning with 1908.

    Other activities included a basement meeting Scouts boys, American Legion and a group of senior citizens, which was called "Pioneer". Here lived the local polling station.

    Firehouse Richmond

    The first meeting of the firehouse Richmond was founded in 1926 in the Memorial Hall, and it was headed by Mayor George. G. "Curly" Stephens.

    mail Richmond

    communication service operating for over 150 years. Designed in 1940, William A. McConnell served as the first post master for six years. In the early years of settlers in this region are more solace in the mailroom, which brought the news of the events of his hometown. Already in 1960 the "Chicago Tribune" was delivered to the post office. Farmers needed to bees, which brought in the mail, and they sent the eggs in a large city.

    For 1946 the train brought the mail in Richmond. Since 1946, the mail is delivered by trucks. Currently pashtamter – William Shoppee 1988.

    The new mayor of the state Richmond, Illinois – Lori Olsson. Something & # 39; I Olson has a long history in Richmond. Before she was elected mayor in 2004, Olsson has been home and host volunteers.

    Medical plans Illinois insurance and existing conditions

    As a resident of Illinois with a pre-existing medical condition is a quality health insurance plan Illinois? Why does it seem so hard to find a pre-existing health plan Illinois?

    Previous conditions are defined as diseases in which people go to the doctor, clinic or health care facility and had been receiving medical treatment. Insurance companies use these profiles, as well as the period of exclusion, to defend themselves against people with pre-existing conditions, who are looking for health insurance.

    In Illinois, people who are applying for an individual health insurance plan may be rejected according to the insurance company due to existing conditions, if the person is not entitled to health plan Illinois HIPAA.

    In Illinois, they are very strictly adhere to the laws of HIPAA. Law on portability and accountability in the area of ​​health insurance, established in 1996 and operates in 1997, provides protection for people with medical illnesses. The law protects people while limiting their exclusion when purchasing health insurance term, reducing the chances of a member of a pre-existing condition of losing coverage, providing protection when changing jobs and ensuring that your health insurance policy is updated at the end of your coverage year.

    The law, however, does not eliminate the ability of the individual carriers to deny health insurance to people who used to be able to, or did not rule out medical conditions. Uniform rules for issuing guarantees lie in the plans financed by the government, and plans, funded by the insurance company. That provides HIPAA – it is guaranteed reimbursement of health insurance for people who meet 6 requirements of HIPAA. If someone meets these 6 requirements, they are considered "the HIPAA law" and may be eligible for a guaranteed issue of health insurance plan HIPAA. Six requirements before & # 39 are to participate in the HIPAA, can often be the only way to protect health insurance available to some people with high level of risk, which are the main existing health conditions.

    Some of the most important insurance Illinois companies to cope with the existing conditions a little bit different, so it is important to do some research and actually shop for the policy before deciding to apply. Individual plans are more exceptions than group plans, and so they are a bit smaller, because they are more restrictive.

    Aetna's health insurance, which is a & # 39 is one of the "big dogs" in the field of health insurance in the US, with the & # 39 is a prime example of an exception period. They offer 365 days from the date of enrollment, when a person who has a previous state, are not covered. It is important to note that if a person having the former condition, was pre-credit coverage for 63 days immediately prior to the signature of the declaration; then off period will be canceled.

    Another example of this can be seen from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, which is a & # 39 is one of 39 independent insurance companies based in the community, and form a national network of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Because they are independent, which means that they may be the same position as in the company's Blue Cross Blue Shield in other states. In Illinois, BCBS requires members to the previous condition to wait for a 365-day elimination period from the date of signing of the policy before you get a refund for the disease.

    Compared with the individual lighting group plans a little bit better. They can not refuse you because of the previous state, which makes the group more expensive plans. According to the HIPAA legislation, an employer may deny the former state protection only if a person is diagnosed, treatment or cure and treatment for 6 months prior to enrollment date. It should be noted that the employer policyholder can not consider pregnancy as a previous state.

    The total time when a person can be excluded from a group health plan, if its previous state is 12 months from the date (18 months old when he joined late), for this reason it is important that the person signed up for health insurance as soon as they are offered ( if not, you may need 18 months rather than 12). Fortunately for some, time can be less than when they were covered by the insurance company for the 63 days prior to enrollment. In addition, the insurer may not refuse to provide cover small employers (2-50 persons) in accordance with the law of HIPAA.

    Stay health insurance in Illinois, if he has a previous state can be very tough. Not to mention the fact that pre-existing conditions covered everything from cancer, HIV, hepatitis C, and even high cholesterol. However, for a person who has a pre-condition, it is necessary to know all the exceptions and their rights under the law HIPAA. This is important, because when you know your rights, you can more than well aware of this subject and avoid prolonged shutdown periods.